Below Deck: See Rowdy Guests Make a Mess & Party Past 3 a.m.

Sometimes customer service has its limits.

That’s something Below Deck stew Alissa Humber learns the hard way with a difficult group of charter guests in E! News’s exclusive sneak peek at the Bravo series’ Jan. 9 episode.

The franchise has seen its fair share of wild guests over the years, but the boat’s latest partygoers may be some of the most difficult yet. After Alissa gets the group set for their late-night hangout with drinks, a hookah and cigars, one of the guests demands, “I want, in the next two minutes, all the crew, now!”

“Everybody’s working,” Alissa responds before continuing to fill drink orders and light cigars. However, deckhand Ben Willoughby notices something off with the group’s smoking technique: “They’re all smoking their cigars backwards.”

“It is so funny f–king funny to see these guests smoking their d–k-like cigars backwards,” Alissa jokes in a confessional, “balls deep in their mouth. I love it.”


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