Rick Ross Eats Edibles & Teases New Album on Final Episode of Mike Tyson’s ‘Hotboxin” Podcast

Mike Tyson might appear on Rick Ross‘ new album. Or maybe that was just the weed talking.

The Miami rapper made an appearance on the very last episode of Mike Tyson’s Hotboxin’ podcast. The former heavyweight champion announced he would be moving on from the popular podcast in March, but didn’t give any particular reasons why. Whatever the reason, Tyson seems like he’s looking forward to his next chapter in life, whatever that may be.

But back to the podcast. This episode was jokes immediately. Tyson’s business partner and co-host Fred “Frenchy” Madzimba tried to conduct a real interview, but it went off the rails from the start. Tyson makes fun of Frenchy for trying to sound like a serious journalist when he asks Rick Ross about the beautiful relationship he has with Meek Mill. Instead, Ross — impressed with the three zippers Madzimba has on his shirt — pleads with him to ask him another good question, saying, “Give me another question, give me a good one. … Come on, you got three zippers on yo’ chest.”



See latest videos, charts and news

See latest videos, charts and news

Frenchy’s three zippers becomes a running joke for Ross. Of course, Frenchy doesn’t get to ask a question and the convo moves on to Tyson’s line of infused edible ears. When Ross asks what they taste like, Tyson says that Evander Holyfield’s ear tastes like a—.

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The shenanigans didn’t stop there. Apparently, Mike’s Bites are strong enough to make Rick Ross’ feet tingle and, even crazier, made him high enough to make fun of an old photo of Tyson at Sammy Davis Jr.’s birthday.

“That n—a that cut your hair ain’t give you no blend,” Ross said jokingly before Iron Mike confirms that he was sporting a “soup bowl” haircut.

Things do come back to Earth for a bit, though, when Ross mentions he’s working on his third book and alludes to The Zenith being the title of his next album. The episode is wildly entertaining and is the perfect sendoff for Tyson’s foray into the competitive podcast market.

Check it out below.


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