“Wondrous” by The Mark

It’s very easy now to be cynical about feelings. There’s an apt term for that called Irony Poisoning, and since music is an art that’s always been reflective of the time in which it’s produced, we’ve seen plenty of songs lean into how love is destructive, how it’ll only hurt you whether you’ve had it or been denied it.

That’s why Wondrous, the new song from Netherlands slamming rock group The Mark is such a tonic to a time when more than ever, we need the genuine notion of love. The song begins in earnest with a fantastic guitar lead intro, something that feels as passionate as the words we’re going to hear momentarily from our lead singer.

The lyrics are understated and yet incredibly potent as it begins with him almost whispering to himself and the listener than “If you would only get to know me, Then I would have you lead the way.” There’s a large sense of trust that lingers over the song as a major theme. The trust you place in oneself to protect yourself and the trust you hope to have in yourself to truly admit these feelings. It’s rather dense stuff for a song like this that almost seems so unsuspecting. I wish there were more musical moments like this in rock songs.

From there we have this fantastic almost up and down rhythm between the lyrics and the instrumental, which makes sense since they were developed independently of one another. It’s often not easy for songs to make something feel as cohesive as what the final result of Wondrous encapsulates, so something of this magnitude is somewhat of a miracle. The ups fall with the instrumental, but the downs come from the fantastic performance that leans to being sweet but without cheesy, with lyrics like “I wanna see you, I gotta have you, knock on your door and say:” followed by some heavy “Woo-os’s” this side of a Queen song, followed by the thunderous declaration that “Love is Wondrous”.

It’s so damn genuine and innocent, it’s what makes the more sad and melancholic qualities of the song have a stronger potency and pathos. It’s a song that does a lot with a little, and while I suspect for the more cynical, that will turn them off from it, I think for those looking for an enlightening and honest piece of “feel it in your soul” rock, then they should look no further.

Production across the board feels magnificent and I am always a strong supporter of listening to the song with headphones, especially someplace intimate and quiet to really revel in the emotions that seep out of the songs pores. The Mark have clearly crafted something incredibly raw and honest, which fits with their already fantastic pre-existing library that you can find on most major streaming services. You don’t need to hold onto any cynicism when love is the answer as The Mark is clearly aware of. Just make the first move, but start by listening to this song to work up the courage.

Rachel Townsend

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