How to Save on Car Renting While Traveling

How to Save Money on Car Renting While Traveling

Once in a while, the state of our affairs makes us reserve a rental car. Given that your trip can be long, payment for everyday usage might hop up to the skies. Moreover, the budget sometimes makes our choice inconvenient without extra options. 

Still, there are ways to get a good deal on a rental car. If you know how to save money on car rental, you might even rent a Mercedes Milan for an adequate price. And this is how you economize and then enjoy your trip to the maximum! 

1. Try Reserving a Rental Car in Advance 

You can save money on a rental car by deciding on your vehicle early. Moreover, companies of this niche need spare time to prepare and deliver your vehicle to the agreed location. This process will be to a large extent problematic if you want a car in June or August. Peak-travel periods always make prices approximate eternity. Thus, place your request ahead of time and enjoy paying less while others have to empty all their pockets.

2. Pay for Insurance Separately 

Sometimes you can use the perks of your credit card to pay for insurance. Yet, if this is not your case, you will have to buy insurance from a rental car company. Or you can turn to separate companies that deal with this issue! Buying insurance from them is much cheaper, yet the validity is undeniable. 

3. Drop the Idea of Convenience and Do Not Head Off on a Rental Car from the Airport

Comfort and ubiquitous convenience will make the costs increase. Asking for a car from your airport will cost you at least ten percent of your full payment. That happens because many cities demand surcharges for such deals. The best way to avoid it is to go to the nearby locality and save on car rental there. This way, your car rental savings can be fifty dollars if you decide to head off from the airport by public transport. 

4. Enjoy Membership Perks 

There are always discounts on car rentals for AAA and other auto clubs. Some rentals will still come at a full price, yet there might be benefits. For instance, the membership can let you drive with other people which usually comes with extra payment! In the end, your weekly car rental might cost you a smaller number of days. 

5. Avoid Falling for Seemingly Beneficial Bundle Offers 

On occasion, you might notice bundle ideas of hotels or airfare presenting deals with a free rental car. You may think that this is your answer on how to save money on car rentals. Yet, this free vehicle will not be free. Moreover, the fees for it will stack up and that will make you pay for one car and a half. Here is what they might hide from you to present you the phone number bill later: 

  • The period you can use a car is one-two days; 
  • Miserable mileage, so driving beyond it becomes too expensive; 
  • The cost for extra days of usage is higher than the standard market one; 
  • You cannot share the driving with your traveling partner;
  • Extra objects like a GPS or a seat for kids are not initially free. 

6. Oh, About Additional Suppliance 

The mentioned GPS and seats for kids will not be in every vehicle. The presence of those things might cut your rental car savings. So, for instance, instead of reserving a rental car with a navigator, use your smartphone for this purpose. A seat for children from a car rental company is pricey too. In the end, it is more lucrative to buy a seat than ask the company to add it to your vehicle. 

7. Inspect the Car Before Heading Off and Record Your Examination

If your rental car has scratches or loose details, you can have zero doubts that the company will sue you. Even unnoticeable cosmetic issues might become a part of your charge in the end. Thus, if you see any abrasion signs or weary objects, take a photo of them. If there are any pretensions, you can show this evidence with the date and time on the screen. 

The Verdict 

Several ways can help drivers save money on car rental. Still, a good deal on a rental car requires additional searching. Still, if the convenience of planning is secondary to you while rental car savings are primary, it will be worth it! 

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