Welcome to Jenn’s Season and Fallout From Casa Recoupling on ‘Love Island USA’

Callie and Juliet discuss first impressions of Jenn, identify guys they think will go far, and go over antics from night one. Then, they go over the recentLove Island USA’ recoupling post-casa.


Bachelor Party goes back to basics with the premiere of Jenn Tran’s season. Callie and Juliet talk about their first impressions of Jenn as the lead, identify guys they think will go far, and go over the antics from night one. Then, they pivot to Love Island USA, where the islanders are still recovering from the casa recoupling. They debate how much we should be rooting for Kordell and Serena, share their ire for Aaron, and talk about how some of their opinions have changed in recent days.

Hosts: Juliet Litman and Callie Curry
Producer: Troy Farkas

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