The Greg Era (Ugh), With Emma Gray and Keiko Agena (Eps. 216-219)

What makes a particular character particularly annoying?


It’s time to talk about one of our least favorite love interests on Felicity: Greg. Juliet and Mandy talk about what makes the character of Greg particularly annoying and how Ben’s immediate dislike of him is one of the few times he’s a good judge of character on the show (0:00). Then, Juliet is joined by Emma Gray to talk more about Greg and how the plot point in which Felicity tries to secure access to the morning-after pill is still relevant today (0:00). Finally, Juliet talks with Keiko Agena to go over her role in these episodes before going on to play the iconic Lane Kim on Gilmore Girls (0:00).

Next time: Episodes 220-223. Watch on Hulu.

Hosts: Amanda Foreman, Greg Grunberg, and Juliet Litman
Executive Producers: JJ Abrams and Matt Reeves
For Bad Robot Audio: Executive Producer Christina Choi, Producer Shaka Tafari
For The Ringer: Executive Producer Sean Fennessey, Executive Producer Juliet Litman, Senior Producer Kaya McMullen, Producer Erika Cervantes
Original Music: Eric Phillips
Sound Design: Kaya McMullen

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