Inside Out 2 Ennui Pronounciation and Meaning

Ennui is one of the new emotions in Inside Out 2, but many people are unfamiliar with the term and how to pronounce it. Fortunately, the meaning of ennui and how to say it is simple to explain. We’ll fill you in on what you need to know below.

How do you pronounce ennui from Inside Out 2?

How you say ennui depends on where you live. The word has an American and a British pronunciation that are very similar:

American Pronunciation

The American pronunciation of ennui is as follows:

  • First syllable: “aan” like the word “an” with a slightly longer “a.”
  • Second syllable: “wee” like “we” with a slightly longer “e.”

British Pronunciation

The British pronunciation of ennui is:

  • First syllable: “on” like the word “on.”
  • Second syllable: “wee” like “we” with a slightly longer “e.”

What does ennui mean?

Ennui has a subtle meaning that isn’t quite expressed by its simple definition.

Merriam-Webster defines ennui as:

“A feeling of weariness and dissatisfaction.”

Ennui is boredom, but many use the word to express a specific type of boredom. Alternatively, it could be a reaction to an event that had a lot of buildup but whose payoff was either spoiled or lackluster.

For example, if you’re looking forward to a game, movie, or TV show, and someone spoils a major plot point, when you finally experience it, you could be filled with ennui instead of excitement.

Alternatively, a life event that should cause excitement but instead causes weariness could fill you with ennui. Shopping for a first house should be a pivotal moment in a person’s life. However, the terrible market and high interest rates turn this into something that causes ennui (if not outright depression) for most people these days.

So, in short, ennui is a sensation of world-weariness and a feeling of jadedness that affects a person like boredom but goes a bit deeper.


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