Kaiju No. 8 Episode 10 Recap & Spoilers: Kafka’s Secret Revealed

Kaiju No. 8 episode 10 was released on Saturday, June 15, 2024, on Crunchyroll. The episode was titled “Secret Revealed,” which gives away the major plot twist, in which Kafka’s secret of being Kaiju No. 8 is revealed.

Kaiju No. 8, episode 10 begins with the battle between Vice Captain Soshiro Hoshina and the giant Honju. As Hoshina witnesses the Honju tower over him with an increased fortitude of 9.0, Kafka senses something is wrong and runs to Hoshina’s rescue.

Using his swordsmanship and quick reflexes, Hoshina tries to halt the Honju’s movements while simultaneously exposing its core. However, his attempts take a momentary pause when his suit’s operational limits are exceeded due to overheating.

Hoshina had already used his suit’s maximum limit, which required him to shut it down immediately. But, he does not stop fighting and successfully dodges the attacks of various wyvern Kaiju who, upon the Honju’s command, were self-destructing like living missiles to kill Hoshina.

Hoshina enters a building and jumps to attack the Honju, but his attempts remain fruitless. The Honju launches a powerful hit on Hoshina, turning off the suit’s maximum release and causing fatal injury to the Vice Captain.

As Hoshina lies unconscious from the sudden attack, it prompts a flashback explaining his journey in the Defense Force. The flashback reveals a young Hoshina’s father telling him to relinquish his dream of being a Defense Force officer. He tells Hoshina that the era of swords is over, and it is better to quit trying to be a part of the Defense Force.

Returning to the present, the episode shows Okonogi desperately calling out Hoshina. Fortunately, Hoshina reassures the Defense Force that he is alive, relieving the staff.

While Hoshina ascertains that the situation outside is under control, he slashes through the Honju. However, the Honju hits him again, prompting another flashback where multiple people ask him to give up on his dream.

Although everyone asks him to quit, Mina Ashiro shows confidence in him and requests him to fight beside her as a close-range combatant. This motivates Hoshina to keep fighting, but witnessing him lose urges Kafka to transform.

However, before Kafka completes his transformation, Mina Ashiro arrives to attack the Honju. Kikoru Shinomiya, too, assists the Captain and Vice Captain. After Kikoru’s suit reaches its maximum limit, other officers arrive and offer assistance.

Kaiju No. 8 episode 10: Kafka reveals his kaiju form to save the Defense Force

Hoshina, using his blades, distracts the Honju and exposes his core, allowing Mina to attack. With Mina’s combat power unleashed to 96%, she attacks the Honju and destroys its core. Finally, with the help of Hoshina and other Third Division officers, Mina takes the Honju down.

Thinking that the fight is over, everyone starts to relax. But, Mina’s tiger senses danger, prompting the officers to look up. They witness a cluster of several wyvern-type kaiju hovering over them, preparing to self-destruct.

The Honju announces that the fight is a draw, as Mina orders everyone to evacuate the base. However, Hoshina recognizes that there is no time to do so. While everyone realizes the cluster is similar to that of a nuclear bomb, Kafka runs into action.

Apologizing to Ichikawa and Kikoru, he begins his transformation into Kaiju No. 8 as Okonogi informs the officers about his fortitude of 9.8. He risks his secret and leaps toward the wyvern kaiju cluster while affirming to himself that he needs to take action as a member of the Third Division.

He punches the cluster, forcing it to rise against gravity in the sky. Mina asks everyone to take cover as the bomb-like cluster bursts, causing severe damage to the Tachikawa base. Fortunately, the officers are saved.

Kafka’s efforts do not stop the officers from thinking of him as a foe as they point their guns toward him, and Mina Ashiro takes him under custody for being Kaiju No. 8.


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