Artists of ‘Harlem Renaissance’ at Metropolitan Museum

Glad I got to the Met for a glimpse before it becomes hotter 'n hell in NYC as elsewhere.  Although the museum was jammed, the show itself was comfortable. It was also much larger than I expected. I hadn't realized how many accomplished painters there were among the Harlem group. For example, I had never heard of Archibald Motley Jr., who I thought pretty much sets the exquisite tone of the show, though by no means exclusively. I was also surprised to see several works by Matisse and one by Edvard Munch, along with a couple of small Picassos — all of them choice. Their relationship to the Harlem painters is oblique yet direct — thus the inclusion of "Transatlantic Modernism" in the title of the show — and worth seeing as a visual accent. What struck me most was that the exhibition over all demonstrates mastery by lesser-known artists who deserved ringing accolades.
For a closer look, click here or click the image, then click again.
And if you can't get to the Met, have a look at this great substitute: a striking, wonderfully informative video tour of the show by its curator, Denise M. Murrell.


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