The Boys Season 4: Does A-Train Die?

The Boys Season 4’s death, destruction, and brutality have fans guessing if A-Train will be among the ones who will die this season. Here’s all you need to know about the possibility of Reggie Franklin, aka A-Train, meeting his demise in the latest season.

Does A-Train die in The Boys Season 4?

At the moment of writing, The Boys Season 4 has launched three episodes and A-Train makes it past all of them. He has faced death scares in the past while going up against Starlight and temporarily losing his ability to run. However, Season 4 has put him in a high-risk situation.

He is currently alive and a part of the Seven. But, his guilt for all the murders and wrong-doings throughout his life is finally catching up to him. As a result, he has decided to help The Boys. He started that by providing evidence to Hughie and Annie, which proved the innocence of two Starlighters. His video leak allowed the innocent men to go free, proving that they didn’t kill the three Hometeamers in Episode 2.

In Episode 3, MM fully convinced him to do some good by becoming an informant for The Boys. His intel allowed them to find out about Homelander’s plan. Furthermore, he even saved Hughie from Homelander’s wrath after that.

Going up against Homelander and Vought certainly puts a huge target on A-Train’s back this season. If, or rather when, Homelander finds out that Reggie is helping The Boys, nothing will stop him from immediately taking down the speedster.

Whether A-Train survives Season 4 remains to be seen. But, his potential to die in Season 4 is as high as someone like Billy Butcher. After all, Homelander could catch up to A-Train anywhere on the planet and find a million brutal ways to end him, despite his speed.

ComingSoon will update the story once A-Train’s fate is confirmed at the end of Season 4.  


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