7 Best Business Casual Shirts For Men: Smart & Sharp in 2024

Dress codes can be a doozy, even for the experienced professionals among us. But though the attire might confuse, there’s no mistaking the best business casual shirts for men.

The right top can pull together any formal outfit — we’re talking a crisp button up, an ironed collar, and a flattering silhouette that puts frumpy dress shirts to shame.

Rather than being swallowed whole by an ill-fitting number, these are the seven best business casual shirts for men that will upgrade any formal outfit with ease.

Key Takeaways

After poring over so many sites and reading literally hundreds of reviews, I’ve made my picks. The question of the best overall business casual shirts for men comes with one simple answer: the All Day Oxford Shirt by L’Estrange London. This is one of the most versatile options out there, with plenty of stretch and breathing room.

The quality is also incredible, backed by the brand’s warranty. But if you’re looking for a less expensive option, then the tried-and-true Calvin Klein Slim Fit Dress Shirt will always be the top choice to look polished in a pinch.

Our Top Picks

man wearing a striped shirt by velasca
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L’Estrange All Day Oxford Shirt: best business casual shirts for men

Why it’s great: It’s hard to argue that an Oxford is a top choice for the best business casual shirts for men. But what if the classically rigid cotton getup receives a massive upgrade? L’Estrange has done just that with their All Day shirt, designed for comfort and versatility.

It’s easy to wear for business casual, and once you feel the perfectly weighted cotton, you’ll be hard-pressed to return to the starchy numbers that may have previously made up your wardrobe.

Who is this for? If you feel constrained in normal business casual attire, then this shirt is a foolproof solution. It’s a performance dress shirt, so it’s much lighter and softer than a standard Oxford, with a touch of stretch to move with you instead of against you.

It also comes with a year of free repair services, making it a worthy investment for any man’s closet.

Flaws but not deal-breakers: The white colorway can be a bit sheer, but it’s no problem that an undershirt can’t solve. Additionally, if you prefer a more unique business casual look, then opt for the collarless version of this shirt instead.

Material: 98% organic cotton, 2% elastane | Sizes: XS–2XL | Colors: 5 | Care: Machine wash, air dry 

best business casual shirts for men: Velasca Ingria shirt

Why it’s great: Sophisticated and refined, it doesn’t get much more classic than this lightweight 100% cotton dress shirt. Perfect for business casual wear, it’s made responsibly in Italy and employs special construction methods, like a flat felled seam (a technical method of sewing that neatly hides the raw edge for extra durability).

Finished with a semi-French collar with buttons that have a mother-of-pearl effect, this shirt will carry you to the office and far, far beyond.

Who is this for? The name of the game is ease of wear with this button-down, so if you’re looking for a solid all-rounder for four-season wear, this is among the top business casual shirts for men.

Flaws but not deal-breakers: This shirt has a regular or athletic fit, as opposed to a slim one, which is worth knowing prior to purchasing.

Material: 100% lightweight cotton | Sizes: 15–17.5 | Colors: 4 | Care: Machine wash, lay flat to dry

Wax London Trin Shirt Oxford Stripe

Why it’s great: There’s something about a striped Oxford that simply makes sense for dressy wear. As one of the best business casual shirts for men, it features a classic fit with a pure cotton construction. It’s ideal for spicing up your rotation or warm weather occasions. Wear this shirt under suits, with pressed slacks, or with any of your business casual best.

Who is this for? For the guy seeking something slightly different than the same crispy white shirt, this striped oxford is the ultimate upgrade. It’s still perfectly formal while adding dimension to an outfit, making it a great choice for any refined gentleman. It also has an exceptional price-to-quality ratio.

Flaws but not deal-breakers: Although you’ll get away with this shirt for most business casual occasions, the stripes may deter some purists.

Material: 100% cotton | Sizes: XS–2XL | Colors: 1 | Care: Machine was, lay flat to dry

Luca Faloni Classic Shirt in Brushed Cotton

Why it’s great: This brushed cotton shirt comes in thirteen stunning colorways, a tremendous range of sizes, and two fits: regular and slim, for one of the most customizable business casual shirts available.

Made in Italy and ultra soft to the touch, this is the best business casual shirt for men seeking handmade luxury. Finished with mother of pearl buttons and a modest paramontura collar, it’s hard to compete with such tasteful opulence.

Who is this for? Any man after an upscale dress shirt will appreciate this number for year-round wear. The color options and extensive size range (up to 4XL, a top dress shirt for big guys) leads to endless ways to wear it, allowing you to look your best for every business casual scenario.

Flaws but not deal-breakers: At more than $200, this shirt is definitely one of the more expensive options. But for handmade Italian luxury? Hell, for me personally, I’ll pay almost anything.

Material: 100% brushed cotton | Sizes: XS/15–4XL/18 | Colors: 13 | Care: Machine wash, air dry

Calvin Klein Slim Fit Dress Shirt

Why it’s great: Nothing is quite as versatile as a slim-fitting dress shirt, especially when it comes to the top business casual shirts for men. Calvin Klein retains a spot as a frontrunner for menswear, and the no-iron dress shirt takes all the fuss out of looking good.

Rather than wrinkling up like a classic cotton oxford, this flattering herringbone weave stays crisp and smooth no matter where your calendar takes you.

Who is this for? Don’t own an iron? Better yet, are you tired of looking like a slob? Non-iron dress shirts are a godsend for low-maintenance men.

This moisture-wicking shirt will look good right out of the drawer or off the hanger, making it a go-to option for any formal occasion, especially during the warmer months, or paired with a blazer and nice men’s pants.

Flaws but not deal-breakers: Made from 100% cotton, this type of shirt has no stretch, so it may feel slightly rigid the first few wears.

Material: 100% cotton | Sizes: 14” Neck, 32”-33” Sleeve — 18.5” Neck, 36”-37” Sleeve | Colors: 10 | Care: Machine wash

Brooks Brothers Stretch Oxford

Why it’s great: It’s champion of the prepsters and a staple of any working man’s wardrobe; few shirts beat out the classic Brooks Brothers oxford shirt. With a cotton construction that includes a generous amount of stretch, this is among the best business casual shirts thanks to the wrinkle free design and non constricting fit.

Available in three colorways, this shirt will be the backbone of any professional wardrobe.

Who is this for? If you tend to find dress shirts uncomfortable, then this Brooks Brothers option may be your saving grace. Considering the hefty dose of spandex woven into the cotton, it has plenty of give to help you get where you’re going in style while feeling as comfortable as the best T-shirts.

Flaws but not deal-breakers: Because of the regular fit, as opposed to a slim one, some guys may find this shirt slightly baggy or unflattering. Nothing a good belt can’t fix.

Material: 95% cotton, 5% elastane | Sizes: S–2XL | Colors: 3 | Care: Machine wash

Ralph Lauren Polo Oxford Shirt

Why it’s great: Ideal for the iconic Americana look, this Ralph Lauren number reigns supreme as one of the most common business casual shirts for men… at least on the East Coast. The colorways give major country club vibes, so don’t be afraid to wear this shirt if you have a meeting on a yacht or golf course.

Who is this for? For the sophisticated gentleman, Ralph Lauren always pulls through in a pinch. This shirt is easy to reach for, regardless of the circumstances. Dress it up with a tie, or keep it easy-going with a pair of slacks and boat shoes (trust fund not included).

Flaws but not deal-breakers: This classic piece tends to run a little small, so it may be a good idea to size up, especially if you have broad shoulders.

Material: 100% cotton | Sizes: S–2XL | Colors: 8 | Care: Machine wash

man wearing the brushed cotton shirt by luca faloni
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Buying Considerations for the Best Business Casual Shirts for Men


The main consideration when choosing the best business casual shirts for men is the material, since this influences the overall look and feel of the shirt. Most of them are made from cotton, which is lightweight and great for daily wear year-round, especially if you’re considering a shirt for the office.

You can also consider cotton shirts with a touch of elastane or spandex, which makes them less rigid and easier to move in. Additionally, consider materials like linen for summer shirts and wool or cashmere for winter wear.

Style and Fit

The style and fit are worth thinking about because these qualities affect how the shirt looks when worn. In general, the most common style for a business casual shirt is a classic oxford, which is a long sleeve, collared button down made from (typically) 100% cotton. This style is the most versatile and looks stellar with a jacket and tie.

Then comes fit. You’ll find business casual shirts in silhouettes ranging from classic and regular to slim-fitting designs. A regular fit is appropriate if you’d like a bit of breathing room and a generous range of motion. However, slim-fitting shirts are excellent choices for a sleek, polished appearance well suited to the modern gentleman.

Both style and fit are personal preferences, so don’t be afraid to let your unique taste shine through in the shirts you choose.


Finally, think about color, since this contributes to the garment’s wearability. There’s nothing quite as adaptable as a white shirt for business casual wear, but colors like black and blue work, too.

For summer wear, consider hues like yellow or light pink for a preppy flair. Subtle stripes or modest patterns are also a wonderful way to make a statement with your business casual attire. Don’t be afraid to let your personality come out in the clothes you pick.

an oxford shirt by l'estrange hanging on a chair
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How We Chose

There’s no one-size-fits-all solution for business casual shirts, which is why I scoured the deepest corners of the internet to find the ultimate options. The products on this list were chosen based on the following criteria to ensure a versatile range suited to any gentleman:

Brand Reputation: One of the most impactful aspects of these products is they’re all backed by a bulletproof brand reputation. Each of the brands represented has made waves in the menswear world by offering high-quality products that will seamlessly slot into your wardrobe.

Price-to-Quality Ratio: Brand reputation is one thing, but shelling out hundreds of dollars just for a name isn’t our goal here. Each shirt on this list has an unbeatable price-to-quality ratio, ensuring good-looking options with a wide range of costs, without sacrificing the overall character of the garment.

Overall Style and Fit: These shirts aim to make you look and feel your very best each time you wear them. All of the options were chosen for their overall style and flattering fit, with a commitment to the best-looking business casual shirts around.

Customer Reviews: Sure, my opinion is one thing, but the experience of others carries a heavy weight with the products chosen. These shirts have customer reviews to match the offerings, giving you peace of mind for the right purchase.

Why Trust Us?

Jane is an experienced fashion writer who splits her time between New York City and Paris, constantly on the hunt for the latest trends, key pieces, and unbeatable styles. She’s passionate about helping men dress their best without sacrificing comfort or flair, as shown in her recent article, best shirt brands for men.

With a keen eye for detail and a love for great pieces, Jane strives to inspire men to look and feel their best. By integrating her professional insights and personal experiences, Jane ensures that her recommendations for business casual shirts for men are both reliable and tailored to meet the practical needs of her readers.

Final Verdict

Few brands do menswear as well as L’Estrange, which is why their All Day Shirt is the ultimate choice for business casual wear. It’s the perfect piece for any capsule wardrobe and will always ensure you look sharp, no matter the occasion or time of year.

For a more budget-friendly option, choose the Calvin Klein Dress Shirt instead, which has a flattering, slim fit at an unbeatable price.


    • The best shirts for business casual include a cotton oxford or any other pressed button-down shirt with a collar. The benefit to oxfords is that the cotton is durable and great for year round wear, which is why many men opt for this style when choosing the best shirts for business casual.

      • Business casual shirts are also called oxfords or button downs. While oxford refers to a specific shirt style with a cotton construction, button down (or button up) is a more general term for business casual shirts.


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