Lana Del Rey Went Off On A Group Of People For “Following” Her, And Fans Are On Her Side

Lana Del Rey Calls Out People Following Her In Paris

That’s what she told a group of people who were apparently “following” her around Europe yesterday.

A video obtained and shared by TMZ shows the singer confronting the group when one of them yells, “You came to me.” Lana angrily replies, “You followed me with my family!”

“Get away from me!” she shouts. “Don’t follow me!”

Someone then appeared to say they understood why she was upset. “I am upset!” Lana responded. “Don’t let them follow me. I only have one day here. I work every single day. I have four hours to myself.”

That’s when someone off-camera had the audacity to tell her not to scream, to which Lana (rightfully) told them, “Shut up! Don’t follow people!”

The “Lust for Life” singer also reacted to the video online, calling them “stalkers.” She further alleged, “These assholes actually told me that they were going to alter the pictures to make me look bad after we got into a fight.” It’s unclear if they were fans or professional photographers.

Most people appeared to support how Lana handled the situation.

One redditor said, “This is valid! She wanted to spend time with her family, but she was being followed around, which was invading her privacy. Celebrities are entitled to personal space just like anyone else, but people often forget that celebrities are human too.”

“I would rage. I feel her,” another said. “Poor Lana just wanted to enjoy a day in Paris 😔,” wrote a third.

Someone else commented, “I read the title and was on her side before I even opened this post.”

While a fifth viewer said, “Honestly good for her.”

I feel like Lana is usually nice when approached in public, but if it gets disrespectful, just remember this:

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