5 Upcoming Queer Books Out in 2024 That I Just Learned About

Since I write about new LGBTQ book releases every week on Our Queerest Shelves, I keep a giant spreadsheet of upcoming queer books, adding titles as soon as I learn about them. I follow approximately a million queer book blogs, BookTubers, BookTokers, Bookstagrammers, etc — and that’s not to mention the deluge of publicity emails I get. Put those together with the increase in traditionally published queer books and you get a spreadsheet of truly monstrous proportions.

Currently, I have a running list of more than 500 queer books that came out so far this year, and that’s only a selection — I couldn’t possibly keep track of all the self-published LGBTQ books out every week. So, I thought I’d give you a peek into The Spreadsheet by sharing the five most recent additions.

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What’s your most-anticipated upcoming queer book release? Let’s chat in the comments!


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