End of the Warriors, Knicks’ Ceiling, Zion, and Lillard’s Future With Frank Isola. Plus, Comedian Dan Soder.

And, of course, Ceruti and Kyle join for some Life Advice: How do we kick the bad player out of our pick-up games?

Utah Jazz v Golden State Warriors

Photo by Noah Graham/NBAE via Getty Images

Russillo opens the show with his thoughts on the play-in games and the end of the Warriors dynasty (0:34). Then, Frank Isola joins to explain what went wrong for Golden State, share which eliminated team needs to hit the reset button, and discuss the Knicks’ ceiling (18:44). Next, comedian Dan Soder comes on to share why he chose comedy and details how jokes are created (55:13). Plus, Ceruti and Kyle join for Life Advice (89:51). How do we kick the bad player out of our pick-up games?

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Host: Ryen Russillo
Guests: Frank Isola and Dan Soder
Producers: Steve Ceruti, Kyle Crichton, and Mike Wargon

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