Zendaya Revealed That She Didn’t Go Out In Public With Her “Challengers” Costars During Filming Because She Didn’t Want The Attention She Receives To Ruin Their Night

She also reflected on her and Tom’s infamous Louvre date, revealing that they anticipated they would make the crowds at the museum “worse” before going. 

She said: “You just kind of get used to the fact that, Oh, I’m also one of these art pieces you’re going to take a picture of. I just gotta be totally cool with it and just live my life.”

Zendaya said that she has since learned how to say “no” to expectant fans when they see her in public, explaining: “I also have learned that I can say no, and I can say kindly that I’m having a day off, or I’m just trying to be to myself today, and I don’t actually have to perform all the time.”

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