Proof Tom Schwartz & New Girlfriend Are Serious After This Milestone

Tom Schwartz officially has a new Bubba in his life.

In fact, the Vanderpump Rules star, who recently revealed he’s dating girlfriend Sophia Skoro, proved his new relationship is definitely more than just a casual fling.

“We love each other,” Schwartz admitted on Nick Viall‘s The Viall Files podcast during the April 16 episode, adding, “I’m trying not to scare her away. She’s incredible, I just don’t want to put any pressure on her.”

The 41-year-old even admitted he’s just as surprised as Bravo fans are about his unexpected romance with the 23-year-old.

“We actually met on a whim at TomTom,” he shared of their meet-cute moment. “It’s funny, ironically at that moment I made a pledge, not only to myself but to the universe, that I will not hang out or date. I’m just gonna be single or work for the next two years. Official. And then I bumped into her.”

The Bravolebrity even took a moment to profess his admiration for the vintage fashion business owner during the interview.


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