23 Hilarious “Saturday Night Live” Moments Where Things Went Horribly, Horribly Wrong

23 Funniest SNL Sketches Breaking Character

We asked the BuzzFeed Community to tell us their favorite Saturday Night Live sketches where the actors kept breaking character. Here are the hilarious results.


In “Beavis and Butt-Head,” when Ryan Gosling and Mikey Day wore prosthetics to look like the famous cartoon characters, but Heidi Gardner burst into laughter the second she saw their faces.


In the newest “Close Encounter,” when Kate McKinnon made a guest appearance and tried her best to make host Ryan Gosling laugh while she reenacted what the aliens did to his private parts.


In “Lisa from Temecula,” when Ego Nwodim kept aggressively cutting her well-done steak, which shook the entire table and made everything spill, causing host Pedro Pascal to giggle throughout the entire sketch.


In “The Californians: Stuart Has Cancer,” when Fred Armisen delivered terrible news in the funniest way possible, and Bill Hader just couldn’t take it anymore.


In “Extremely Stupid,” when Candice Bergen’s character was supposed to be much smarter than Gilda Radner’s, but Candice kept messing up, and it played perfectly into the script.


In “Super Showcase Spokesmodels,” when Maya Rudolph and Kristen Wiig kept making each other laugh while announcing game show prizes.


In “Corksoakers,” when Janet Jackson tried sooooo hard to not say a dirty word, and no one could keep a straight face.


In “Inside the Beltway,” when Aidy Bryant’s wardrobe person accidentally walked on in the middle of the sketch, and Aidy completely lost it.


In “Dr. Beaman’s Office: Test Results,” when Tim Meadows unexpectedly came onstage, which made it too difficult for Will Ferrell to deliver some bad news with a straight face.


In “Africa Tourism,” when Adele had such a big laughing fit that she literally had to crouch down in an attempt to hide from the camera.


In “Matt Foley: Van Down by the River,” when Chris Farley dove onto the table and broke it, so everyone on screen had to cover their faces in laughter.


In “Cast List,” when Will Ferrell played an overbearing drama teacher in a cut-for-time sketch, and every single person on stage broke more than once.


In “Diner Lobster,” when Pete Davidson kept giggling while watching John Mulaney sing and dance to a funny Les Mis parody.


In “Gift Wrap,” when James Franco squirted a bunch of fake blood into Leslie Jones’ mouth, and she was so fazed that she couldn’t get through the rest of the sketch.


In “The Love-ahs with Barbara and Dave,” when Jimmy Fallon couldn’t say his lines while he was stuck in a hot tub with Drew Barrymore.


In “Escorts,” when Emily Blunt literally hid under a lampshade because she couldn’t say her “oopsie-doopsie” catchphrase without breaking character.


In the original “Close Encounter,” when Kate McKinnon had a verrrrry different type of alien abduction than Ryan Gosling.


In “Smokery Farms,” when Kate McKinnon and Aidy Bryant were so grossed out by how bad the raw meat smelled, and they couldn’t help but laugh.


In “Girlfriends Game Night,” when Cecily Strong’s character interrupted a fun game night with friends so she could try conceiving with her much older boyfriend, played by Bill Hader.


In “Brothers,” when Aidy Bryant and Cecily Strong were very confused about what was happening, and their faces showed it.


In “New Wife,” when Larry David had a minute-long laughing fit and couldn’t get through any of his lines without breaking.


In “Debbie Downer,” when Rachel Dratch was so funny that Horatio Sanz literally had to wipe away his tears with a Mickey Mouse pancake because he was laughing so hard.


And, of course, literally any time Bill Hader played Stefon and couldn’t keep it together.

Do you have a favorite SNL moment that didn’t make the list? Tell us about it in the comments below!

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