Beauty and Mr. Romantic Pictures Tease Im Soo-Hyang & Ji Hyun-Woo’s Strained Friendship

KBS2’s ongoing Saturday-Sunday K-drama Beauty and Mr. Romantic released a new set of pictures. The photos give a glimpse of the upcoming episode. The drama stars Im Soo-Hyang and Ji Hyun-Woo in the leads.

The storyline revolves around a popular actress, Park Do-Ra (Soo-Hyang), and a hardworking producing director, Go Pil-Seung (Hyun-Woo). How Park Do-Ra, after reaching rock bottom, loses her career and Pil-Seung helps her is the theme of the drama. In the process, love blossoms between them.

Beauty and Mr. Romantic new photos hint at trouble between Im Soo-Hyang & Ji Hyun-Woo

After certain incidents, Park Do-Ra and Go Pil-Seung became friends. But Pil-Seung was only pretending to be good to her so that she could keep her tantrums at bay. He was double-timing with the other actor, Bong-Soo. While they were at dinner, Pil-Seung started badmouthing Park Do-Ra, which she heard. This makes their friendship take a U-turn.

In the newly released pictures of Beauty and Mr. Romantic, Park Do-Ra (Im Soo-Hyang) keeps a certain distance from Go Pil-Seung. She gives a cold shoulder to him on set. In the other pictures, Do-Ra is seen reading her scripts before the filming starts. However, her behavior towards Pil-Seung doesn’t change. She takes her anger out on him, making him aware of her feelings. Their distance is quite visible in the pictures. Do-Ra also looks quite sad about it.

In the last picture, director Hong of the drama is seen comforting Pil-Seung regarding the whole mishap that happened to his career. In the first two episodes of Beauty and Mr. Romantic, the viewers can see Do-Ra sharing a beautiful relationship with Go Chung-Dae (who later becomes Pil-Seung). Decades later, when they meet for the drama, she shows curiosity about him, but he completely ignores it. Now, what will happen in their lives?

Don’t forget to watch Beauty and Mr. Romantic every Saturday and Sunday at 7:55 p.m. KST on KBS.


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