8 Best Sunglasses for Bald Men – Flattering For Every Face in 2024

Going bald can be a huge adjustment, especially if it’s not by choice. But choosing the best sunglasses for bald men can spice up the process, giving you newfound confidence and amping up your style game by flattering your skin tone and face shape.

Those two elements, skin tone and face shape, are the most important when it comes to choosing the best sunglasses for bald men. Typically, hair provides depth and contrast to your look naturally. Without it, there’s more focus on your facial features and skin tone. The best sunglasses for bald men will break up the monotony by providing that much-needed contrast and complimenting your undertones.

Your face shape determines which sunglasses shape will flatter you best. This is no exception for bald men. In fact, without hair to influence, conceal, or enhance the structure of your face, it’s up to your glasses to work their magic.

With all that in mind, it can still be daunting to go through all the brands, colors, and styles, online and elsewhere. That’s why I’ve highlighted the best of the best for you—keeping skin tone and face shape in mind.

Now, let’s take a peek at the 8 best sunglasses to compliment that beautiful bald head.

Key Takeaways 

I love Ray-Ban Justin as the best sunglasses for bald men because they’re durable, lightweight, and classic.

The frames are nice and thick without overcrowding the face, regardless of shape, while tons of color options means there’s a pair out there for everyone. To provide contrast, consider a sexy pair of aviators, Oscar Deen Fraser M Series.

Our Top Picks

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Ray-Ban Justin Rectangular Sunglasses

Much like the popular Wayfarer, Justin is a beloved, easy to wear pair of sunglasses for bald men. They’re deliciously lightweight and hard to break–my dad has had his pair for decades. And because they’re classic, they’re pretty much always cool. This, my dudes, is what I call a solid investment.

Unlike Wayfarers, Justins are rubberized, which is great for durability, and has a softer edge.

Yet there’s no sacrifice on that iconic look: rectangular lenses set in thick square frames that never seem to overcrowd your face. This provides the perfect contrast that bald men are looking for.

While they do work on most face-shapes, I will say that they compliment those with oval or round faces the most.

And I can’t help but love the variety. While I like the classic black frames on pretty much anyone, they do come in lots of different colors. Flattering your unique coloring and personal style is easy.

Frame Size: 126 mm  | Colors: 20 | Face shape: Oval, round |  UV Protection: Yes | Polarized: Yes

Self Made Carnegie II

Besides moisture, every bald, angular head deserves a sexy pair of rounded sunglasses for balance. Because it’s timeless with long-wear anti-scratch lenses and just the right touch of vintage at the temples, I’d consider this a go-to pair.

But only if your face shape includes a square bottom half. Round glasses look particularly good on rectangular, square, or heart-shaped faces, and this pair is no exception.

Like the Lachman from Olive Peoples, you don’t need a ton of colors to choose from if you choose them well so that they compliment a variety of skin tones. There’s even room for a fashion color, a clear-toned ‘Scotch’ that looks good on just about everybody.

Frame Size: Not available | Colors: 5  | Face shape: Oval, square, triangle, heart |  UV Protection: Yes | Polarized: No

Meller Adisa

I just had to throw a fashion-forward pair into the mix. With a classic rectangular shape, the Adisa brings the right touch of modern and cool design without feeling too ‘out there.’ This is more of an interesting way to bring contrast to a bald head.

I’m really into all the fun colors, but particularly the olive green if you have medium skin with cool or neutral undertones. And, because they’re clear-toned, they’re a great way to fill volume without overpowering the face, especially if you have a larger head.

It’s worth mentioning that Meller sunglasses are made of bio-based materials, which lower the use of fossil fuels and carbon emissions.

Frame Size: 145mm  | Colors: 7  | Face shape: Round, heart |  UV Protection: Yes | Polarized: No

Riviera Honeycomb

If you’re bald, it’s up to your shades to lend you contrast and style—either that or a beard. So, why not choose a hot, modern pair that’s handcrafted in Italy to show off your fashionable side?

The Riviera is what I like to call an ‘in-between’ style, otherwise known as D-shaped lenses. This new body is a great update to rectangular shapes, providing structure to soft-featured faces and roundness to angular ones.

As for color, I love the honey-comb color on those with warm undertones, but they have colors for every skin tone.

Frame Size: Not listed  | Colors: 5  | Face shape: All |  UV Protection: Yes | Polarized: No

Knockaround Premiums Polarized

If you lose your glasses or frequently break them, you’ll want a cheaper pair so it won’t hurt as much when it happens. True to their name, Knockaround makes affordable sunglasses you can rough up, but the irony is they’re actually hard to break.

That’s because they’re made of high-quality materials specifically for impact-resistance. And like more expensive pairs, they’ve got all fixins’ like polarization and full UV400 protection.

But what makes them so great for bald men is the larger size, 142 mm frame to frame. This is great for guys with larger heads but also for filling in all that space, and creating the buzzword for bald men: contrast.

Even though the Premiums seem to work on everybody, like most round shaped sunglasses, they’re best on square, angular face shapes that could use a little softening.

Frame Size: 142 mm  | Colors: 3  | Face shape: Oval, square, heart, triangle |  UV Protection: Yes | Polarized: Yes

Ray-Ban Clubmaster

Ray-Ban is easily the most classic and popular brand of sunglasses out there. I’ve had my own pair for well over a decade. I take them everywhere, even swim with them in the ocean, which is probably a big no-no, and still, they persist. Needless to say, they’re durable. Like I’ve said before, a true investment without having to really break the bank.

The Clubmaster is a style that has been around since the 1940s. Both classic and somehow dynamically retro, they possess both a circular lens and a square frame at the top. This provides structure for lots of different face shapes and is excellent for men that are bald up top.

Another reason I love them as the best sunglasses for bald men? Lots of colors. I love black on black for fair, light, and medium skin. Matte gray on gold is striking for deep, dark skin tones.

Frame Size:  | Colors: 12  | Face shape: Oval, square, triangle |  UV Protection: Yes | Polarized: No

Oliver Peoples Lachman Sun

Where Knockarounds are cheap, Oliver Peoples are wildly expensive—but for good reason. Looking like Brad Pitt, who wears the brand, could be one of them. Okay, maybe that’s a stretch, but why not aim high when it comes to inspo?

Without question, what they do provide is extremely high-quality materials crafted with exceptional attention to detail. This, my friend, is what makes them worth every penny.

All that being said, I wanted to mention one of their best-selling frames, Lachman Sun. I like it as one of the best sunglasses for bald men because they’re universally wearable. They’re medium-sized, meaning they’ll most likely fit your head, and strong angles compliment a plethora of round and oval face shapes.

When it comes to color, two shades of tortoise might not seem like variety, but the different colored lenses make them much more inclusive.

Frame Size: 128 mm | Colors: 2 | Face shape: Round, oval, heart |  UV Protection: Yes | Polarized: Yes

Oscar Deen Frazer M Series

A little bit flashy with a whole lot of sleek, I adore this sexy aviator-style pair inspired by the Italian ‘drop down’ bifocals of the 1960s. A modern update on a classic. And you know I just love the combination of luxury-level design and materials for a decent price.

I’ll admit, there are only three colors to choose from, and they’re pretty similar. However, if you happen to have a dark skin tone, it doesn’t get much better than these gorgeous metals. If different and darker colors are what you need to add contrast for a bald head, consider Roderer James style.

Aviators are great for several different face shapes, including oval, the easiest of the bunch. But I love the way this pair slims out a heart or triangle shaped face (this is where the upper part of your face is wider than your jaw).

Frame Size: Not available | Colors: 3  | Face shape: Oval, heart, triangle, rectangle |  UV Protection: Yes | Polarized: No

man in an oversized t-shirt wearing a blue sunglasses
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What To Look For In The Best Sunglasses For Bald Men

Skin Color

Because the hair on top of your head is no longer there, you need your sunglasses to provide that much-needed contrast. The best sunglasses for bald men should be colored so that they pop against your skin tone, not blend in. This is also beneficial for making larger faces appear smaller.

Face shape

The shape of your face will have the biggest impact on which sunglasses look best on you. To soften strong lines, square face shapes should choose round frames. Alternatively, square sunglasses add structure to round face shapes. Because oval face shapes are naturally more balanced, they can have more fun, and choose from a wide variety of styles.

Neither round nor square, heart and triangle face shapes are wider at the upper part of the face. Both round and rectangular shapes work, as well as face-slimming aviators.


Much like the shape of your face determines the shape of your sunglasses, the size of your head matters when it comes to the size of your sunglasses. Thanks to plenty of surface area, bald men can play around with size.

If your head is small, feel free to choose a larger, bolder pair. However, if your face and head are large, thin-framed glasses should be your go-to.

bald man wearing riviera shades
rivierashades / Instagram

Final Verdict 

The best sunglasses for bald men provide much-needed contrast and compliments your skin tone and face shape. Ray-Ban Justin sunglasses are a great pick because they work on a variety of face shapes, offer lots of colors, and have been considered a classic for decades. Plus, they can last for ages.


    • Bald men can choose from round, rectangular, and aviator styles. When it comes to style, what really matters is the shape of your face.

      • Aviators look great on bald men, so long as they suit your face shape. Aviators look best on oval, heart, and triangle face shapes.


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