Solo Leveling: Did Sung Jin-Woo Defeat Antares?

Most of the plot of Solo Leveling features action-driven sequences, and Chapter 176 of the webtoon was no exception. Jinwoo summoned the power of death on Earth and continued his battle with the Monarch of Destruction, Antares. It was the peak development of the battle between the giants.

After Jinwoo had gotten out of his giant form, he noticed that an armor had formed all over his body. As the battle between the giants came to a halt, Antares switched from his dragon form to his humanoid one. Although it was a gripping battle, fans wondered whether Jinwoo defeated the Monarch of Destruction.

Sung Jinwoo vs. Antares in Solo Leveling

Solo Leveling
Antares (Photo Credit: Webtoon)

Antares, the King of Dragons and Monarch of Destruction, proved to be Sung Jin Woo’s toughest opponent. Besides him, Ashborn is the only one among the Monarchs who could put up a tough competition against the protagonist. Often called the Greatest Fragment of Brilliant Light, the Shadow Monarch plays a pivotal role in the manhwa. Their fight started in Chapter 173 of the webtoon and lasted till Chapter 177.

Antares is called the King of Dragons, which explains his extremely resilient body. His powers were so ruthless that he could not find a suitable vessel. This is because there was no fitting entity that could endure his powers.

In chapter 177 of Solo Leveling, Antares finds himself under a sky crawling with soldiers of the Rulers. Jinwoo explains that he contacted two human vessels of the Rulers, Thomas Andres and Liu Zhigang. They had opened up a gate to the island where they were fighting.

Initially, the Monarch of Destruction offers the protagonist to join his side. However, Jinwoo refuses and attacks him with the daggers he got from his father, Sung Il-Hwan. It leads to one of the most exciting battles in Solo Leveling. However, the Rulers thwart the battle by stabbing the King of The Berserk Dragons. This results in Antares returning to Eternal Slumber, where he promises to wait for Jinwoo.


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