Thai Actor Tu Tontawan Tantivejakul Comeback Movie Title & Release Date Confirmed

Tu Tontawan Tantivejakul‘s comeback is confirmed in the upcoming movie Lahn Mah, or How to Make Millions Before Grandma Dies. The 2024 film marks the Thai actor’s debut on the big screen. In the movie, Tu Tontawan, who previously starred in Thai Dramas like F4 Thailand and 10 Years Ticket, stars as Mui. As a caretaker for elderly people, Mui receives a house worth over 10 million dollars because of her devoted work.

Lahn Mah follows the story of M (Billkin Putthipong Assaratanakul) and his dying grandmother, Ah Ma (Usa Semkhum). After his grandma is diagnosed with cancer, M asks Mui about her work to receive Ah Ma’s inheritance. She tells M what old people want from their family—time. M then decided to take care of his grandma and inherit millions.

Lahn Mah: Release date, cast & everything you need to know

Lahn Mah, aka How to Make Millions Before Grandma Dies, will release in theatres on Thursday, April 4, 2024, in Thailand. Besides Tu Tontawan Tantivejakul, Billkin Putthipong Assaratanakul, and Usa Semkhum, the film will see Duu Sanya Kunakorn as Khiang. They will be joined by Phuak Pongsatorn Jongwilas as Soi and Jear Sarinrat Thomas as M’s mother.

Check out the film’s trailer below:

While the film offers a quirky plotline, Lahn Mah sheds light on stories hidden in a family. The trailer shows Ah Ma being aware of why M has started to care for her. She asks him, “You’re also sowing seeds in hopes of reaping them, right?”

Despite the initial intention, M is seen taking care of his dying grandma as she struggles with her deteriorating health. From cooking for her to being by her side during the treatment, the film shows precious moments between a grandmother and her grandson. It’s safe to say that Lahn Mah will tug at viewers’ heartstrings.


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