Fallout Controller Comes to Xbox Design Lab

A new Fallout controller option has arrived on Xbox Design Lab today. The Fallout skin features Vault Boy in many different poses and there are button color presets that represent the colors of the Vault-Tec Corporation. Of course, there is also the option to customize the buttons as you see fit.

Get a S.P.E.C.I.A.L. delivery Fallout Xbox controller

The Xbox Fallout controller skin features gray etchings of Vault Boy in many of his perk poses, all of which are set against a white background. The exception is a lone blue and yellow colored Vault Boy holding an Xbox controller, which is sat just below the face buttons. Microsoft promises there are other hidden Easter eggs in the collage. Some that we’ve managed to spot include an Xbox logo on a monitor screen and an Xbox Series S console.

The blue and yellow colored Vault-Tec decal also surrounds the Xbox button, which is black and yellow. All of the rest of the controller options can be customized, although there are default options:

  • Ash Gray back and thumbsticks
  • Shock Blue bumpers
  • Metallic Photon Blue triggers
  • Metallic Lightning Yellow d-pad
  • Gray on White ABXY, View, Menu, and Share buttons

With the default options, the controller is priced at $92.96 from the Xbox Design Lab. Adding rubberized grips and a personalized engraving will increase the price, although removing the metallic colors will have the opposite effect.

The new controller option arrives just a month after the Vapor series was added to Xbox Design Lab. This series offered six top case options with swirling patterns comprised of two colors: Electric (Electric Volt and Velocity Green), Nocturnal (dark green and gray), Fire (red and orange), Stormcloud (blue and black), Cyber (Astral Purple and Deep Pink), and Dream (Soft Pink and Soft Purple). Like the Fallout controller, everything else could then be customized.


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