You’ll LOL Over What Sparked Below Deck Guests’ Drunken Fight

These charter guests might be going overboard—with the drinks that is.

In a sneak peek at Below Deck‘s March 4 episode, some tipsy vacationers get into a messy fight over—wait for it—profiteroles.

The meltdown occurs at the end of the group’s dinner when primary guest Tina takes a giant bite of her dessert before everyone at the table has been served their profiteroles and ice cream.

“It tastes like egg,” Tina declares in the preview. “I hate it.”

Several of Tina’s friends are shocked by her manners, with her pal Beth responding, “She didn’t wait for everybody. How rude!”

Tina’s explanation? “It’s fucking ice cream,” she fires back, “it’s gonna melt.”

But Beth remains peeved and takes another dig at her friend. “I can hardly wait to take a bite,” she notes. “I was waiting for everyone else though. That’s kind of how I roll, but…”

Then, guest Eileen chimes in to back Beth up, adding, “If you’re a polite person you wait until everyone has theirs.”


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