Sunreef’s 77 Ultima Cat Combines Sleek Design with Sustainability

Sunreef unveiled its latest  77 Ultima hybrid catamaran, the fifth in the yard’s line of ultra-efficient Ultima yachts. The 77 showcases the brand’s signature elegance while incorporating new technologies to meet increasing customer demands for enhanced speed, space, and sustainability.

At the heart of the Sunreef design philosophy is a commitment to sustainability innovation without sacrificing on style or performance. Typically, Sunreef’s Ultima models feature a signature “solar skin” – that covers the surface in thin and flexible solar panels that provide a sleek and sexy exterior while simultaneously supplying continuous, clean energy to its ultralight and efficient batteries. The solar skin complements other cutting-edge green technologies employed by the boat, like its energy-saving air conditioning, efficient watermakers, and optional, computer-controlled hydrofoils. The latter can be deployed as desired to significantly reduce drag and add speed by allowing the boat to seemingly fly over the water and waves.

When not flying on hydrofoils, the Ultima’s hybrid propulsion system, combined with an optimized hull design, reduces drag to enhance both speed and stability, ensuring consistent passenger comfort in all types of weather conditions.

“We now have the ultimate hull shape for all those who are looking to enjoy quick getaways in speed, comfort, and style,” Sunreef founder and president Francis Lapp said in a statement. “To achieve this, we combined the best of the multihull and monohull design philosophy.”

Beyond its sustainable features, the Sunreef 77 Ultima boasts interior living spaces designed to flood with natural light, providing an open, airy atmosphere that flows naturally into its vast alfresco lounging areas and semi-open dining spaces. Each element of the boat’s design was chosen to ensure that every journey aboard the Ultima is as comfortable as it is thrilling.

Sunreef 77 Ultima Hybrid Catamaran

The dynamic configuration of the catamaran guarantees easy access to any marina, with folding bulwark platforms that tuck in when needed, yet also transform its aft deck into a sprawling and versatile space for better entertainment potential. Of course, the best spot for relaxation might be the flybridge, which – in addition to its better vantage for ocean views and sea-life spotting – features a jacuzzi and even more lounge space.

As with all of its ships, the interiors of the Ultima catamaran can be tailored to suit the owner’s preferences, with a variety of bespoke decors and customizable layouts available. This flexibility allows for a truly personalized living space, combining luxury with the unique needs and tastes of its occupants.

Sunreef continues to push the luxury yachting industry forward with its innovation in green technology and efficient design. The 77 Ultima, which joins Sunreef’s existing 44, 55, 66, and 88 Ultima models, caters to the modern mariner’s desire for luxury and performance while also addressing a growing demand for more environmentally responsible yachting solutions. This latest hybrid catamaran expands our understanding of the future of sustainable luxury yachting, and from where we’re sitting, that future looks very stylish indeed.


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