17 Times Men Experimented With Makeup On The Red Carpet

He told People, “I started wearing it ‘cuz I felt like it tested some boundaries, and it just, like, looked cool.”

He also explained his makeup routine. He said, “For guys, putting on your eyeliner, first step is you take your sharpened pencil and apply it around your eye. Second step putting on guyliner is to smear it because you’re a guy; you don’t really want your makeup to look perfect, which usually isn’t a problem. And the third step is to smudge the eyeshadow on. So the fourth and final step is to go to sleep. You wake up with perfect eyes ‘cuz day-old eye makeup looks way better.”

In 2010, he told Alternative Press, “About four months ago or something, I decided… I was like, ‘Everybody knows I’m gonna go out and I’m gonna wear eyeliner and, you know, whatever, these clothes, whatever.’ And I was like, ‘I’m gonna just stop doing that.’ Because, it’s like, at some point, you wanna keep people guessing, and you don’t wanna become a parody of yourself.”

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