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February 3: Sweetly Seasoned issued an apology for withholding a tip for a barber and hairstylist that was gifted by TikToker Keith Lee.

If you somehow missed the saga: Keith Lee visited a food truck in Dallas, TX called Sweetly Seasoned and noticed that a barber and hairstylist unaffiliated with the truck were working out of the same parking lot. The barber and hairstylist were friends of the Sweetly Seasoned owner’s son, and the hairstylist even helped fill orders that day. 

To keep transactions simple, Keith tipped Sweetly $2,000 and asked that the owner hand out an additional $2,000 he’d be tipping through their system – $1,000 for the barber and $1,000 for the hairstylist. 

The owner of Sweetly Seasoned, however, initially kept the entire $4,000. It wasn’t until later, after much backlash from the internet, that the owner seemingly begrudgingly agreed to issue give the barber and hairstylist their money. 

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