The Best Movie Set in a Desert

Dave, Neil, and Joanna have a debate inspired by ‘Dune: Part Two’

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This week, Dave, Neil, and Joanna are debating the best movie set in a desert! They start by talking about the movie that inspired this debate, Dune: Part Two (8:20), and drafting the hottest characters in movies set in a desert (28:41). Then, they discuss some pretrial awards and dismissals (41:58), reveal each of their top three picks for the best movie set in a desert, and listen to some of your picks to figure out which four should make it to the final poll (48:55).

Now it’s up to you to decide! What is the best movie set in a desert? You can vote for the winner at ⁠⁠, on The Ringer’s X feed, and in the Spotify app, where you’ll find Trial by Content. The winner will be announced on the next episode!

You can send your picks for the next topic and a few sentences to support your pick to ⁠⁠. You can also submit suggestions for future Trial by Content topics. Is there a great pop culture debate that you’d like us to settle? Send it on over!

For a list of all the movies discussed on this week’s episode and a preview of what is to come on Trial by Content, head on over to ⁠⁠ and follow us there!


What is the best movie set in a desert?

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    Dave: ‘The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly’

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  • 0%

    Joanna: ‘The Mummy’

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  • 0%

    Neil: ‘Lawrence of Arabia’

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  • 0%

    Listener: ‘Tremors’

    (0 votes)

0 votes total

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Hosts: Dave Gonzales, Joanna Robinson, and Neil Miller
Associate Producer: Carlos Chiriboga
Additional Production Supervision: Arjuna Ramgopal
Theme Song and Other Music Credits: Devon Renaldo

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