Bradley Cooper Said His 6-Year-Old Daughter Will Talk To Him While He’s Using The Bathroom Because His Bed, Toilet, And Bathtub “Are All In The Same Room”

Bradley Cooper Shares Funny Bathroom Routine With Daughter

In his Oscar-nominated performance in Maestro, Bradley Cooper bares it all — and it sounds as if he’s used to doing that at home, too.

During Monday’s episode of the Armchair Expert podcast, Bradley and Dax Shepard discussed the topic of nudity and compared notes on how their kids feel about them being naked around the house.

During their recent dad chat, Dax began by revealing that his girls will often “start filing in” and “chatting” with him when he’s using the bathroom.

Dax then asked if Bradley has the same experience with Lea, prompting the Maestro director to divulge that his privacy is even more limited by virtue of the fact that his bathroom is totally open plan.

In response, the host said he finds it “insane” that their kids are so unfazed by how open they are, prompting Bradley to recall that his upbringing was the complete opposite.

After all that, Bradley confirmed that he’s “totally” comfortable being naked. And it sounds as if his relaxed approach to nudity has come in handy in his professional life, too.

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