5 Best Back Scrubbers for the Shower: Reach Easy in 2024

Top shower essentials: go! Sure, you have the obvious shampoos, soaps, and body washes. Call me crazy, but I would add a good back scrubber to that list as well. It’s easy to avoid giving your back the same treatment as the rest of your body when showering. Because it’s harder to reach, it’s easier to neglect, even though it’s susceptible to the same dirt, sweat, and irritation as the rest of the body. That’s why the best back scrubbers for the shower make such a clever tool.

Composed of an abrasive head on a handle or strip of material, a back scrubber for the shower is a long, handy device that not only cleanses the skin but gently exfoliates to deeply cleanse the pores. The skin on the back is rather thick and even prone to bacne for some people, especially if you work out frequently, so this slight exfoliation from the bristles is key.

Clearly, a back scrubber is a must for the shower, but which one to pick? With so many options on the market, it can be difficult to discern the duds from the studs. Fortunately, you have me to go through each and every offering to land on the best back scrubbers for the shower.

Let’s take a look at the 5 best back scrubbers below.

Key Takeaways 

For this quest to find the best back scrubbers for the shower, I pored over hundreds of photos, customer reviews, and even my own bathroom (and my partner’s) until I whittled it down to the 5 finalists you see on this list. Overall, the top pick among the best back scrubbers for the shower is Tooletries Silicone Back Scrubber because it’s sturdy, lasts forever, and comes with a long handle for easily reaching all parts of the back. For a manual, Japanese-style scrubber that’s great for those with limited mobility, Aquis Double-Sided Back Scrubber is perfect.

Our Top Picks

the PMD clean body back scrubber
pmdbeauty / Instagram

First among the Best Back Scrubbers for the Shower: Tooletries The Silicone Back Scrubber

Why it’s great: It may look simple, but this one tops the list of the best back scrubbers  for the shower for a number of reasons. The full-silicone body is resilient, odor-resistant, and lasts for ages, not to mention it’s easy to clean. With a long 12-inch handle, the sizable paddle makes it easy to maneuver around your back. The bristles are soft with a tight pattern that makes for a great lather. When you’re done, simply rinse it out and hang it to dry.

Who this is for: Guys looking for a straightforward, well-built, and hygienic back scrubber  for the shower to handle their favorite body wash will do well with this option. It doesn’t have to be replaced often and quickly hang-dries.

Flaws but not deal-breakers: I think this is an excellent choice as the best exfoliating back scrubber for the shower, but it doesn’t come with any extra bells and whistles like interchangeable heads or vibration.

Material: Silicone rubber | Handle length: 12-inch | Skin Type: All

Metene Shower Brush

Why it’s great: This is the only exfoliating back scrubber for the shower that you can also use for dry brushing, a trendy yet ancient practice. This manual brush comes with two sides for different uses on the skin. The stiff side increases circulation, promotes lymphatic drainage, and exfoliates away dead skin cells, while the soft bristles are great for daily cleaning and smoothing the skin. The 17-inch handle made from lotus wood makes it easy to reach tough spots, and the anti-slip rubber patch promotes comfortable handling.

Who this is for: A longer handle means easier maneuvering for those who have smaller arms or a more limited range of motion. Those looking to incorporate a healthy practice like dry brushing into their routine will also enjoy this back scrubber for the shower.

Flaws but not deal-breakers: Unfortunately, because it’s made from natural fibers, it needs to be replaced every 3-6 months for maximum hygiene, depending on the frequency of usage.

Material: Lotus wood, cotton, rubber, natural bristles, nylon, polymer resin | Handle length: 17-inch | Skin Type: All

PMD Clean Body Back Scrubber

Why it’s great: Here is an attractive back scrubber for the shower that can do it all—and then some. In addition to cleaning and exfoliating dead skin cells, it lifts, firms, and tones the skin thanks to three interchangeable attachments that are easy to switch out because they’re magnetic. The silicone bristle side always stays in place, but the attachments vary. They include a loofah for daily cleansing, a more aggressive polishing aluminum-oxide exfoliator for weekly use, and a massager for easing muscle tension and promoting circulation.

Who this is for: Perfect for guys who work out and sweat a lot, the massager will take care of your muscles and blood flow while the bristles and loofah promote a hygienic clean.

Flaws but not deal-breakers: Obviously, this tool is pretty luxurious, but if it’s within your budget, it’s going to work hard and look great in your bathroom or shower.

Material: Silicone | Handle length: 10-inch | Skin Type: All

Aquis Double-Sided Exfoliating + Cleansing Back Scrubber

Why it’s great: This Japanese-style back scrubber for the shower may look different from the rest, but it’s easy to handle and offers plenty of healthy skin benefits. In between the two handles is a long, dual-sided stretch of woven microfiber. The loofah-like side is great for massaging and gentle exfoliation; the softer side gently cleanses the pores and smoothly polishes the skin. After use, simply hang it to dry. Unlike the Metene shower brush, it’s machine-washable, so it lasts a lot longer. Plus, it’s easy to travel with: fold it up and tuck it in your suitcase.

Who this is for: It’s better than back scrubbers with handles for people who gave limited arm/shoulder mobility. Many reviewers found it to be easier to maneuver around the back.

Flaws but not deal-breakers: Unfortunately, with this back scrubber for the shower, there is only one length to choose from. Some reviewers with larger/smaller bodies wished for more variety.

Material: Woven microfiber | Handle length: 30.75-inch | Skin Type: All

Black Wolf Sonic Scrubber

Why it’s great: It’s hard not to be attracted to the PMD scrubber, but the Black Wolf Scrubber comes in at a much fairer price on this list of the best back scrubbers for the shower. This one also has a vibrating head and silicone body, but I actually prefer the handle, which is telescoping and detachable for scrubbing at your facial scruff. It might not have interchangeable features, but I like that the silicone bristles are charcoal-infused to promote detoxification as it deeply cleanses the pores. Four different vibrating massage settings offer a soft, pleasant exfoliation.

Who this is for: The vibrating charcoal bristles are great for those with bacne or guys who sweat a lot.

Flaws but not deal-breakers: Although I do think the vibrating silicone bristles provide a solid clean, there isn’t really a setting for deep, scrubbing exfoliation.

Material: Silicone | Handle length: 12.5-inch | Skin Type: All

a double sidded back scrubber for shower
soecobrushes / Instagram

Buying Considerations for the Best Back Scrubbers For the Shower 


There are roughly two different types of materials used for back scrubbers: silicone and natural/microfiber. Newer varieties use silicone because it’s the most hygienic. It’s odor-resistant, dries really fast, and is hypoallergenic. Plus—this is a big one—it lasts forever.

Microfiber is also quite durable and reusable, especially because it’s machine-washable. It’s going to hold up a lot longer than natural bristles, which are more sustainable, though they wear out quickly and have to be thrown away every couple of months.

Handle Length

Typically, the longer the handle, the better your reach, especially if you have limited mobility. The best back scrubbers for the shower will feature a handle that is anywhere from 10 to 17 inches long. Japanese-style scrubbers are a great option because they’re extremely long with rope handles on each side. Older folks, guys with injuries, or those who simply want an easier time cleaning will do well with this type of back scrubber for the shower.


The best back scrubbers for the shower will cleanse and gently exfoliate the skin, but some utilize some fun bells and whistles to get you there. I still stand by the Tooletries option, but you can other models of back scrubber for the shower that include vibration settings, massager attachments, and dual sides for both cleansing and exfoliating. For those looking for deep exfoliation or a chance to relieve some muscle tension, these extra features can be worth it.

man using the black wolf sonic scrubber
blackwolfnation / Instagram

How We Choose These Products

A lot of shower products claim to effectively cleanse and take care of the skin. But sometimes, these claims aren’t backed up by much. So, wherever possible, I chose a back scrubber from a reputable brand that is valued and has stood the test of time. I also sifted through dozens of different product descriptions and hundreds of customer reviews to reach my top 5 of the best back scrubbers for the shower. I make sure to select scrubbers that are highly rated and have been repurchased time and again.

Customer Reviews: What are people saying? I try to find products that thousands of people adore and look for specific reasons why that’s the case.

Price: Compared to what you’re getting in terms of value and volume, does the product seem appropriately priced? If customers are thrilled and it won’t break the game, I’ll consider it.

Company Reputation: How does it hold up against all the other companies out there? Are they good to their customers in terms of responsiveness and returns? I always make sure a company has a good standing in the public as part of my verification process.

Why you should trust us

When it comes to selecting the best back scrubbers for the shower, Rachel’s expertise is unmatched. A brazen statement? Sure. A true one? Absolutely. As a seasoned grooming and fashion writer, Rachel has spent years exploring the intricacies of personal care products, ensuring that our recommendations are backed by thorough research and hands-on testing.

From evaluating ergonomic designs to scrutinizing the materials used in each scrubber, her approach is comprehensive and detailed. Her previous articles have helped countless readers navigate the vast world of grooming products with confidence. Her dedication to uncovering the best in personal care extends to consulting with dermatologists, testing products firsthand, and keeping abreast of the latest skincare trends.

This listing of the best back scrubbers for the shower is the culmination of that ongoing commitment to quality and reliability, aimed at helping you make informed decisions for your skin’s health and comfort.

Final Verdict 

The best back scrubbers for the shower should have a long, easy-to-use handle with bristles that lather well and gently exfoliate the skin. Tooletries Silicone Back Scrubber is my top pick because it has tight, soft silicone bristles that are easy to clean and last a lifetime.


    • If a body scrubber has soft, gentle bristles, it can absolutely be used once a day. Deeper exfoliating tools should only be used once or twice a week.

      • The best type of body scrubber is typically made from silicone for a gentle, hygienic clean.


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