Nicole Kidman Has A Pretty Good Reason Why She Felt “Lonely” After Winning An Oscar In 2003

Nicole Kidman Felt Lonely After Winning 2003 Oscar

And an Oscar-winning one, at that: She took home the Best Actress trophy back in 2003 for her turn in The Hours.

Now, two years before Nicole won, she got divorced from Tom Cruise after being married to him for eleven years. The split was highly publicized, as things of that nature often are.

During an interview on The Jess Cagle Show, Nicole revealed how those two events in her life were inadvertently connected — and it sounds like her divorce made winning the Oscar a little bittersweet.

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Nicole admitted that she recalled thinking to herself, “I need a new life. Please.” “I’m sitting here and I don’t have anyone, as I say, to jump on the bed with,” she explained.

“There’s certain times when you just go, ‘I need to jump on the bed.’ I want to order French fries and a burger and celebrate this with my lover and I don’t have one. Help.”

Nicole also admitted that she felt similar at the after-party following her big win. “I’m so embarrassed because you walk through the party with your Oscar and you’re like, I mean, I’m Australian,” she said.

“You don’t walk around with a trophy going, ‘Hey, didn’t I do well?’”

Lest you feel bad for her now though, Nicole made it pretty clear that she’s over it. “Now I look back and go, ‘Oh my God,’” she said. “I would carry that thing above my head and be like, ‘Thank you.’”

And she’d have every right to!

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