People Are Obsessed With How “Chaotic” And “Unhinged” The “Madame Web” Press Tour Has Been, So Here’s A Roundup Of The Best Moments

Dakota Johnson’s Chaotic Madame Web Press Tour Moments

If there’s one thing we know about Dakota Johnson, it’s that she’s no stranger to a viral moment.

And things have been no different since the press tour for her new film Madame Web began last month.

Dakota, who plays the titular superhero, has found herself garnering attention over just about everything — from her candid admissions about what it was like shooting Madame Web, to her hilarious reaction to that particular line from the trailer about “researching spiders” in the Amazon.

And as a result, several internet users have been sharing their favorite “chaotic” and “unhinged” moments from the Madame Web press tour.

As for the filming process, Dakota described shooting with a blue screen as “absolutely psychotic” during a chat with Entertainment Weekly last month. She also candidly admitted that she wasn’t sure if the final result of the film would be “good at all,” and noted that she was pretty skeptical about signing onto the role to begin with.

Then, of course, we have Dakota’s aforementioned reaction to her viral line from the Madame Web trailer, which read, “He was in the Amazon with my mom when she was researching spiders right before she died.”

Reacting to the buzz around it, Dakota awkwardly admitted that she didn’t quite get why it had gone viral.

And, of course, Dakota’s nonchalant reaction to a literal earthquake interrupting one of her interviews got people online talking too.

Needless to say, internet users are obsessed with the chaos. Madame Web is streaming in theaters now!

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