13 Times Zendaya And Her Stylist, Law Roach, Perfectly Understood The Assignment

Zendaya References Roles Through Fashion

Zendaya is a fashion icon, there’s no doubt about it. And with the help of her long-time stylist Law Roach, there hasn’t been a single look she couldn’t pull off flawlessly.

But one of the coolest things she does with her fashion is reference her movies through her looks. Here are 13 of the best ones:


First, when she pulled up to the Dune: Part Two event in Mexico City and looked like a total sci-fi goddess ready for battle:

The inspo:


When she attended the Paris premiere for Dune: Part Two and fully drew inspiration from her character Chani’s costume:

The inspo:


When she went to The Greatest Showman premiere literally dressed as the greatest showman:

The inspo:


When she attended an event for Spiderman: No Way Home and her blazer and tights were decked out in jeweled spider webs — even her earrings are tiny webs.

The inspo:


When she arrived at the LA premiere of Spider-Man: No Way Home and unleashed her inner Spidey:

The inspo:


When she went to the Spider-Man: Far From Home premiere and proved that color coordinating is always a great idea:

The inspo:


When she went to the Space Jam: A New Legacy premiere and drew her hair inspo from her character Lola Bunny:

The inspo:


When she went on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon to promote The Greatest Showman and her outfit basically said “Okay give me a ringmaster look, but let’s show a little leg”:

The inspo:


When she arrived at Dune‘s Venice Film Festival premiere, and literally looked like her dress was made from the sand of Arrakis:

The inspo:


When she arrived at Dune‘s London premiere also drawing fashion inspo from her character Chani:

The inspo:


When she showed up to Euphoria‘s Season 1 premiere and perfectly matched the show’s glittery, ethereal vibes:

The inspo:


When she attended the Ballon d’Or photocall just before Spider-Man: No Way Home was about to hit theaters and referenced the movie in this super badass way:

The inspo:


And finally, when she went on The Graham Norton Show to promote Spider-Man: No Way Home and referenced one of the movie’s villains in a very low-key way.

The inspo:

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