8 Best NATO Straps for Your Wrist and Your Watch in 2024

Wearing the same watch every day might seem boring, even if it’s what your dad always did. That same functional watch stayed on his wrist whether he was going to the office or the beach. But you’re not your dad. And even if you’ve got more style than budget, you still want to accessorize.

Just like you can lay your hands on many different kinds of watches, you can find untold numbers of NATO watch straps for your wearing pleasure. NATO straps for watches let you switch out your style whenever you want a change, and they’re an affordable watch accessory every timepiece lover should know. As you may have already guessed, NATO watch straps range in color, size, and price. This is where a closer look at the fine details comes in handy.

Enter: a roundup of the best NATO straps. All of these straps come in various styles, from seatbelt-smooth nylons to leather options for every need and outfit you can imagine. Get ready to combine your adventurous spirit with your flawless sense of style for a well-dressed image, exemplified by the best NATO watch straps. Yes, it’s attainable—just keep scrolling.

Key Takeaways

NATO straps come straight out of the British military’s 1973 standard issue. You might hear these straps called a G10. And that’s because service members knew the G1098 as the list of stores a company should hold: necessities, like watches, binoculars, or compasses. If a soldier lost a supply, the G1098 specified who should pay for the replacement, usually the soldier.

The 1960s O.G. James Bond (aka Sean Connery) traded up his Rolex Submariner watch band for a hard-hitting NATO strap, even before the soldiers wore them. So if this band works for the military and 007, you will love it for the office or mountain biking.

This collection includes the best NATO watch straps in today’s market. So whether you are looking for the best overall NATO watch strap to meet your everyday carrying considerations or the most luxurious leather strap at a great price, you’ll find the perfect option.

Our Top Picks

timex watch replaced with a nato strap
bartonbands / Instagram

Void NATO Strap

The polished stainless steel trim on this Void NATO strap is just one of the reasons it takes the best overall prize.

Why it’s great: As NATO watch straps go, this one should work for a wide variety of timepieces. But if you’re curious about pairing it with the perfect match, Void has six different ideal tickers to choose from. What’s that? There’s more to sweeten the deal? Why yes, 30-day returns and a wallet-friendly price tag.

Who is this for?: The buckle is sleek enough for office wear, while durable nylon can stand up to anything from a day on the golf course to fly fishing. It’s also a nice peace of mind that the double loop design really hangs onto your watch case.

Flaws but not deal-breakers: The double loop could make it a bit time-consuming to take off.

Material: Nylon | Size: 18mm x 270mm | Colors: 3

Barton Ballistic Nylon NATO® Style Straps

Archer’s Classic Strap balances function with fashion in this classic nylon NATO watch strap. Their “Y-Strap” design means your watch stays secure, even if a spring bar fails. Heavy-duty stitching keeps seams together, while the “mil-spec” buckle means there’s no chance of spring-bar-buckle-failure. The stainless steel clasp won’t let you down.

Why it’s great: The nylon strap is comfortable with several timeless color choices. Select the 20mm Gray NATO strap for a Ministry of Defense classic and the military standard. Black, red, and green simple stripes offer a nod to Vintage Bond. Or show your patriotic spirit with a red, white, and blue striped NATO watch strap. And if it’s a budget pairing that you’re after, check out our look at affordable Rolex watches.

Who is this for?: No tools are necessary to switch out your nylon watch strap in seconds for a new look. Instead, dress the part for every occasion with one of Amazon’s Choice best sellers.

Flaws but not deal-breakers: Nearly a dozen colors means that you might be having one of these NATO watch straps for every day of the week.

Material: Nylon | Size: 18–24mm x 283mm | Colors: 11

Barton Leather NATO Strap

Barton does leather, too.

It’s the sophistication of leather combined with the mystique of the NATO strap.

Why it’s great: Top-grain leather, premium matched stitching, and a stainless steel buckle turn your wrist into a fashion statement. The retainer loops are leather as well, unlike other NATO straps. It’s super-easy to swap out for another strap, and Barton has five colors in the leather category.

Who is this for?: Whether you’re looking for an air of sophistication or on a mission to keep it simple and under the radar, this is a NATO watch strap that is well worth a serious look. It travels well from the boardroom to the locker room. Pair this with your favorite smart casual outfit for happy hour drinks and you’ll be turning heads.

Flaws but not deal-breakers: Some users have expressed concern about the thinness of the strap.

Material: Leather | Size: 18–24mm x 285mm | Colors: 5

Archer Watch Straps

Take my word for it: you want this NATO watch strap. Over 8,000 other people on Amazon did.

Why it’s great: Soft, tons of sizes and colors, won’t break the bank. I think that covers the main points, but let’s dive in a little more anyway.

Who is this for?: Now, assuming you’re not an expert on ballistic nylon, it’s a fantastic option for the sporty watch wearer. It’s lighter than regular nylon, so you still get all the benefits of easy care plus extra softness. And I wasn’t joking about the cornucopia of colors. There’s even multiple stripey options for those days when you need a pinch of extra flair.

Flaws but not deal-breakers: Some users found the strap to be a bit long, despite its utility.

Material: Ballistic Nylon | Size: 18–24mm x 10–11mm | Colors: 27

Ritche Military nylon nato strap

Why it’s great: The strap and handle on this military-style watch band make it the best black NATO watch strap on my list. You’ll appreciate the black-on-black monochrome simplicity that pairs with a sports jacket as well as it does a life jacket.

Who is this for?: This soft, waterproof, and washable band adjusts to any wrist size. If you don’t want to fold the extra length back into the keeper, you can easily cut it to your desired length. Then, run a lighter under the cut end to keep it from fraying.

Flaws but not deal-breakers: The band has five rings, which some users found to be one too many.

Material: Ballistic Nylon | Width Size: 18, 20, & 22mm | Colors: 1+

Carty Military 6-pack

One perk of nylon NATO watch straps is their versatility. They last forever and are easy to switch out for a new look. So if you’re looking for the best NATO watch straps you can change on a whim, this six-pack is an excellent choice.

Why it’s great: No need to remove spring bars to swap out one strap for another. As well, you’ve already got six colors, so no need to buy more. The straps are also machine-washable, making it easier to keep them fresh and appealing.

Who is this for?: Fans of variety will definitely appreciate the multiple options. As well, the straps are water-resistant, so go ahead and take it with your favorite watch on a dive.

Flaws but not deal-breakers: The only thing that could improve this selection is if they threw in one more strap. Then you’d have one for every day of the week!

Material: Nylon | Width Size: 18, 20, & 22mm | Colors: 10 Sets of 6 colors each

Everest Nylon Watch Band

Why it’s great: High-quality seat belt nylon ensures a comfortable everyday fit. In addition, the 316L stainless steel buckle looks stylish and offers security on your watch investment. The company even gives pairings for the best Rolex and NATO strap combinations.

  • Gray: Rolex Daytona
  • Vintage Bond: Rolex Vintage Submariner 5513
  • Black & Gray Bond: Rolex Submariner
  • Black: Rolex Submariner Date
  • Navy Blue: Rolex GMT Master II BLNR
  • Turquoise Blue: Rolex Oyster Perpetual or Rolex Explorer II Polar Dial
  • Khaki & Gray: Rolex Submariner

Who is this for?: Everest makes a NATO wtch strap and a single-strap nylon watch band, so you choose what’s best for your Rolex. For more customizing options, these bands fit any watch with a 20 or 22-mm lug size. So pull out your Patek Philippe, too. This band has you covered.

Flaws but not deal-breakers: Some users have been concerned with what to do with the excess strap.

Material: Nylon | Width Size: 20 & 22mm | Colors: 7

Omega Nato Strap

Omega specialize in up-market products. Witness their watches. They also make some of the best NATO watch straps, which are of the same quality and erudition.

Why it’s great: They’ve settled on blue as a color of choice, although you can get either solid or striped and one of the models has a gray border. One-offs include green and yellow. Then there’s the black-and-gray and, of course, the 007 variant. The polyamide strap effortlessly complements your Omega (or any other company’s) watch. The buckle is made of the highest quality stainless steel.

Who is this for?: This is a powerful choice for those looking for an air of sophistication.

Flaws but not deal-breakers: This is a significant step-up in price, but you knew that.

Material: Nylon | Width Size: 19–20 & 21–22mm | Colors: 10

holding a luminor panerai in a nato strap by ritche watch bands
ritchewatchbands / Instagram

Buying Considerations for the Best NATO Straps

The best NATO straps for watches combine strength, durability, and comfort. But, of course, there’s no point in a strong watch band if it scratches your skin. So instead, look for a tightly woven nylon that protects your watch without irritation. And if you’re still unsure if NATO style is right for you, check out our complete guide to watchbands for more choices.


The best feature of NATO straps is the extra material layer between the watch case and your wrist. In strenuous exercise, your watch stays secure, even when it takes a hard hit rappelling down a cliffside. No worries if the spring bar fails. You’ve got automatic backup.

When opting for a sturdy NATO strap watch band, ensure that it functions with military precision. Also, look for sturdy stainless steel closures that keep your watch exactly where you want it.


Woven nylon is the most common material for the best NATO straps. It stands up to every activity and every rugged condition. When these straps get wet or muddy, take them off your watch and toss them in with your next load of laundry.  Ballistic nylon has the most strength and often has a soft seatbelt-like feel. So you’ll have comfortable functionality in a watch band.


Choose a watch strap width that aligns with your watchcase for the perfect pairing. For example, in the 1960s’ Goldfinger, James Bond wears a Rolex with a 20mm lug width, but his RAF-style NATO strap is an 18mm size. And people are still talking about it, so pay attention to the small details because they matter.

The most common lug width is 20 mm, so verify your width before purchasing a watchband.

a v03b void watch and a nato strap
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Why You Should Trust Us

At FashionBeans.com, we’re here to meet all of your fashion needs. Our expertise in sifting through the varied world of NATO watch straps is second to none. We understand the importance of having just the right accessory for that impressive watch you’re wearing, and we are dedicated to providing you with all the advice you want. Our recommendations are based on a combination of thorough research, expert opinions, and real-world testing.

Final Verdict

If you’re looking for a durable and stylish EDC strap, Void’s NATO straps are an excellent choice. These straps are designed with functionality in mind, making them perfect for everyday use. With their sleek military style, they can add a touch of ruggedness to your look while also providing comfort and durability.

One of the key features of these straps is their polished stainless steel hardware. This not only adds to their aesthetic appeal but also increases their quality and ability to withstand wear and tear. So whether you’re wearing it to the office or taking it on a dive, you can trust that your Void NATO strap will hold up to the task.


    • The NATO strap is more than just a watch band or a fashion statement. These straps are British military standards, so they hold your watch in place without any extra movement. That made them stand up to rigorous war activities.

      Originally designed with a long strap to fit over your uniform sleeve, NATO straps rolled out to British Special Forces first. Then they underwent modifications for different military regiments.

      • Most men prefer to wear their NATO strap with the extra tongue (long end) length tucked inward and out of sight. And that’s how I suggest you wear it. It looks sharper and works for most wrist sizes. However, fold the extra tongue outward for a tighter fit on guys with a smaller frame.

        Either way looks good, so do what works for you. But inward tucking gives a cleaner finish.

        • The NATO strap is extra long to wear over a military uniform sleeve and stays securely in place. It works just like any other watch band.  Depending on your watch case and current strap, you may need to remove the spring bar to take the strap off. Then replace the spring bar. The following steps are universal.

          • Remove the strap’s tongue from the keeper.
          • Slide it through the buckle on the 12 o’clock side.
          • Next, slide it through the 6 o’clock watch case side.
          • Push the watch case up toward 12 o’clock.
          • The excess tongue slides back through its original keeper, giving you two layers under the watch case.

          The protection you get from the extra strap is what the military-style NATO strap is all about. So spend your day skateboarding or snowboarding, and never worry about losing your watch.


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