The Two Sisters Episode 12 Recap & Spoilers: Bae Do-Eun Meets Yoon Ji-Chang

Episode 12 of The Two Sisters aired on KBS2 on Tuesday, February 6, 2024. The series stars Ha Yeon-Joo and Lee So-Yeon as Lee Hye-Ji or Bae Do-Eun and Lee Hye-Won, respectively. The K-drama centers around the story of two sisters, Lee Hye-Won and Lee Hye-Ji, who get separated in their childhood, but the two meet again under different circumstances.

Viewers of The Two Sisters have been eager to see what happens in episode 12, especially after episode 11 ended on an intense note. Bae Do-Eun, aka Lee Hye-Ji, blackmails an artist, Lim Dan-Ung, to spread false criminal accusations against Lee Hye-Won’s mother-in-law, Oh Soo-Hyang. In the new episode, the audience sees how this false news affects Lee Hye-Won’s family life. However, the big highlight of the episode is the first meeting between Bae Do-Eun, aka Lee Hye-Ji, and Lee Hye-Won’s husband, Yoon Ji-Chang.

The Two Sisters episode 12: Bae Do-Eun & Yoon Ji-Chang have their first meeting

The Two Sisters episode 12 starts right where the previous episode ended. Lee Hye-Won’s mother-in-law, Oh Soo-Hyang, finds out that Lim Dan-Ung has spread a piece of false news about him and her while she is with her son, Yoon Ji-Chang. After learning about the news, Lee Hye-Won worries about her mother-in-law. Moreover, when Yoon Ji-Chang watches the news on the television at a restaurant, he immediately takes his mother home.

Later in the episode, after Yoon Ji-Chang comes home, he and Lee Hye-Won discuss the news about Oh Soo-Hyang. Soon, Lee Hye-Won realizes that Bae Do-Eun is behind this whole situation. She believes that Bae Do-Eun has somehow manipulated or blackmailed Lim Dan-Ung to spread the false news. She is now quite frightened of Bae Do-Eun after seeing what she is capable of.

Meanwhile, the media asks Oh Soo-Hyang’s family members about the news. When they question her mother-in-law, Kim Myeong-Ae, about it, she scares the reporters away. Later on, Yoon Ji-Chang goes to see his father, Yoon Yi-Chul, to share his concerns about the recently spread news about her mother. He tells his father that he believes it is Bae Do-Eun’s work. However, Yoon Yi-Chul refuses to believe it as her love blinds him.

The Two Sisters episode 12 then showcases Yoon Yi-Chul talking about the issue with Bae Do-Eun. He seems genuinely concerned about his wife, Oh Soo-Hyang. Seeing that Bae Do-Eun feels a bit uneasy, she wants Yoon Yi-Chul to take care of the situation. In the meantime, everyone is looking for the artist Lim Dan-Ung. The episode then reveals that Bae Do-Eun has made him disappear from the public eye. On the other hand, Lee Hye-Won tries her best to find him to make him reveal the truth about the entire situation.

The Two Sisters episode 12 then sees Bae Do-Eun deciding that it is time to make her next move. She wants to put Lee Hye-Won’s husband, Yoon Ji-Chang, in her trap. So, she calls him and asks him to meet her. Yoon Ji-Chang agrees to meet her, wanting her to undo what she has done with his mother. Thus, the two meet for the first time.

Upon her arrival, Bae Do-Eun, aka Lee Hye-Ji, begins her tricks. She acts like she is helping a blind woman in front of Yoon Ji-Chang to persuade him to believe that she is a kind woman. The episode ends right there.

Viewers can watch The Two Sisters on KBS2.


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