10 New Romance Books To Enjoy in January 2024

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Happy New Year, everyone! Did you complete your reading goal from last year? Did you read all the books you wanted to read? Or were you unable to read the anticipated books you have been waiting for years? It’s hard when there isn’t a lot of time in a day, and you have things to do; I totally get it. The thing is… it’s a new year and month, and you know what this means — let’s talk about new romance books coming out in January 2024.

Who doesn’t want to start the new year with a romance book? Happy endings are always welcomed, especially when you want to kickstart the year in the right way. 2024 is going to bring a lot of things into the publishing world, like debut authors, anticipated sequels, new stories by authors we love, re-releases of books that we have seen grow, and so much more. Authors have been crafting them for months and even years, making them ready to come out into the world and introducing them to us. It’s now their time to shine!

From gold-medal figure skaters moving to a small town to saving a demon and embarking on an unimaginable adventure, romance will take you anywhere if you let it. These books down below will bring love, comedy, action, and even a few emotional moments. But above all, it will bring a good time where you can just relax and enjoy a good book.

Cover of A-Not-So Prince Charming new romance books January 2024

A Not-So Prince Charming by Jennifer Chipman

Jennifer Chipman introduces a brand new series inspired by fairytales, all set in college. The first book in the series, A Not-So Prince Charming, is a Cinderella-inspired romance about two college students who, after a one-night stand, have to work together as presidents of their respective sorority and fraternity. Ella will try her hardest to keep Cameron at arm’s length, but Cameron is committed to winning her over… and her heart.

Cover of The Takeover new romance books January 2024

The Takeover by Cara Tanamachi

A head-to-head battle of wits awaits you in Tanamachi’s newest contemporary romance, where two former high school rivals reunite in the worst possible way.

Since she turned 30, Nami is not excited about life. Especially because nothing is going as she thought it would. The tech company she helped to build? Losing its funding. When she least expected it, Jae Lee, her old high school rival, makes a grand return, announcing that he’s part of a hostile take-over of her start-up. Things couldn’t get worse until they start falling for each other.

Cover of Don't Want You Like a Best Friend new romance books January 2024

Don’t Want You Like a Best Friend by Emma R. Alban

Don’t Want You Like a Best Friend is The Parent Trap-inspired, Victorian queer romance of your dreams.

Beth knows that she needs to find a wealthy husband, or she and her mother are going to be out on the streets pretty soon. But when her best friend Gwen hatches a plan to set up Gwen’s rakish father with Beth’s widowed mom, it feels like the perfect solution.

That is until Beth realizes that she’s falling for her best friend.

Cover of Midnight Ruin

Midnight Ruin by Katee Robert

The plot thickens in Robert’s sixth book in the Dark Olympus series, Midnight Ruin, where politics and power rule the city of Olympus.

Eurydice Dimitriou, whose innocent image has plagued her for the better part of her life, is ready to step out of those shadows and forget about the ex who broke her heart. And who better to show her how than Charon, Hades’s right-hand man?

But Orpheus, her ex, will do everything to get her back into his arms…and maybe she won’t be coming alone.

Cover of A Spinster's Guide to Danger and Dukes

A Spinster’s Guide to Danger and Dukes by Manda Collins

Fall in love with this heart-warming historical romance about a young lady who bumps into a duke and suddenly becomes his fake fiance.

With a mystery to unfold, A Spinster’s Guide to Danger and Dukes will undoubtedly swoop you off your feet as soon as you start the very first page.

Cover of Bloodstream new romance books January 2024

Bloodstream by Emilee Carter

For fans of fast cars and passionate romances, Emilee Carter introduces her debut novel, Bloodstream, where a social media manager and a renowned motorsports champion collide in the most unexpected way!

For Julien Moretz, racing is everything. He doesn’t need any type of distraction to keep him away from it. But Faith has other plans now that she’s the new social media manager for Revolution Racing.

As much as they try to stay away from each other, they soon realize that what lies between them is something far bigger than they imagined.

Cover of The Return of His Caribbean Heiress

The Return of His Caribbean Heiress by Lydia San Andres

Harlequin Historical brings Lydia San Andres’s newest historical romance novel, a story of second chances, unforgettable kisses, and true love.

The Return of His Caribbean Heiress follows Leandro Díaz, who had to watch his heart, held by heiress Lucía Troncoso, leave for Europe. He always knew they were from different worlds, so when she came back five years later, he was prepared, building walls around his heart. That is until danger comes knocking on his door, pushing them closer together more so than ever.

Cover of The Bodyguard's Deadly Mission new romance books January 2024

The Bodyguard’s Deadly Mission by Lisa Dodson

Romance suspense always keeps you on your toes. Never a dull moment, you will try to figure out the mystery before you reach the final page.

Lisa Dodson’s The Bodyguard’s Deadly Mission centers on Andrew and Alexa, two bodyguards who have an undeniable connection, but yet have never crossed that line. When Alexa’s security company gets a new contract where danger is a sure thing, Andrew and Alexa will have to work together if they want to survive.

Cover of The Signature Move

The Signature Move by Cassandra Diviak

Fans of The Cutting Edge, this one’s for you! The Signature Move follows two athletes who are going after their own goals and dreams. Set in a small town, they are bound to bump into each other, especially when this world-champion figure skater starts taking up rink time and snatching away the spotlight from the effort of transforming his hockey team into something more.

That Time I Got Drunk and Saved a Demon Book Cover new romance releases january 2024

That Time I Got Drunk and Saved a Demon by Kimberly Lemming

Kimberly Lemming’s iconic Mead Mishaps series is coming to your favorite bookstore with new editions this year. If you love cozy fantasy stories, this book (and series) is perfect for you.

That Time I Got Drunk and Saved a Demon is about spice trader Cinnamon, who accidentally saves a demon. But now all Fallon, the demon, wants to do is kill the witch who is trying to enslave his fellow demons. This kickstarts an adventure that will take Cin to places she never thought before — while fighting her attraction to the charming demon.

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