Add Some Sparkle with These Jewelry

To help you discover the ultimate jewelry collection, we have curated a roundup of some of the most stylish jewels from an array of designers across the globe, including Noel Samra’s Cosmos collection, multicolored gemmy pills by Elior, travel-inspired medallions from Nouvel Heritage and Smiley motifs.

Revolution BN DIAMOND BLUEENAMEL Revolution Lapis Band by Noel Jewelry

Noel Samra’s Cosmos Collection

Noel Samra’s Cosmos collection is an “artistic expression of a comet sent down from the universe to present divine light and spread truth. The vision is to discover self-expression through a rebellious nature with Cosmos.” The collection came about when he was star gazing. “I first imagined a 3D version of the design and drew it on a paper pad that I had close by,” adds the London-based designer, whose family has been into jewelry for over three generations. The Cosmos line is handcrafted in lapiz lazuli and black onyx – stones considered to have mystical properties. The collection includes bracelets, necklaces, earrings, and cufflinks. | Image credit: Cosmos, Noel

Rose de France Rhodolite Diamond FR5 Rose de France rhodolite diamonds

Rose de France Collection

Rose de France collection by Selim Mouzannar is an ode to France. France is home to the jewelry designer and the “unrivaled craftsmanship of the lapidaries of Haut-Jura, where the art of manually guiding the light inside the stone with millimetric precision has been safeguarded for three centuries,” inspired the hexagonal gem-adorned line. “Step-cut stones are shallower than brilliant cuts, and their softer sparkle seamlessly echoes the clarity of crystalline waters,” notes Selim. The tanzanites, rhodolites, or diamonds are embedded in an invisible baguette-cut rose gold setting to complement the hexagonal shape. | Image credit: Rose de France, Selim Mouzannar

Elior New York Multicolored Pill Necklace by Elior

A multicolored pill necklace by Elior is just what the doctor prescribed for blingy days this autumn. These made-to-order pill tennis necklaces are made in 18k gold and encrusted with sapphire pavè retail between USD $25,000 and $35,000. | Image credit: Pill necklace, Elior

Island Hop Paris PM Medallion

Medallion Collection by Nouvel Heritage

Designer and founder of Nouvel Heritage Camille Parruitte McKenna launched her Medallion collection in 2016. “Our first medallions were inspired by the west coast and sunny destinations.” The line proved to be popular, prompting her to add sub-collections. “We then introduced the Paris medallions around 2021 and our latest medallions were inspired by the French Riviera,” says Camille. Most of the Nouvel Heritage medallions are “almost one-of-a-kind pieces with very limited stock.” The current line includes nine medallions of which three are inspired by Paris and six inspired by the French Riviera. “You can still find some exclusive medallions at some of our retailers.” For Paris, Camille wanted to capture the Eiffel Tower at night. “The light of the monument at night is breathtaking, even when you live there,” she adds. | Image credit: Medallion, Nouvel Heritage

Amazonia Collection by Graziela

Amazonia Collection, Graziela

Since its inception, the Amazonia Collection has been a favorite with Graziela Kaufman’s clients. “For me, it reflects my Brazilian heritage – it’s a part of who I am. And our clients and partners really connected with the designs in the collection and the story of the Amazon Rainforest’s relevance to all of us. We all depend on the Amazonia in some way, and I really felt this when I stepped into the forest. I was surrounded by the heart of our planet, alive with animals, plants, the powerful Amazon River – an amazing story, ready to be told,” says Graziela.

When she launched the collection last year, she told the beginning of this story. This year, her new designs venture deep into the Amazon Rainforest: using vivid gemstones and a variety of metals and finishes, including titanium and colored rhodium, she has captured the magic of the rainforest through leaves and flowers in iridescent greens, blues, pinks, and purples. Her latest offering, a series of cocktail rings, realized in titanium mimics the original Amazonian orchids. “Big rings are a must right now, but it was really about creating pieces that look as real as possible,” she adds. | Image credit: Amazonia Collection, Graziela

My Muse Blossom ring pink sapphire A by Nada Ghazal My Muse Blossom ring pink sapphire By Nada Ghazal

My Muse, Nada Ghazal

“My Muse is an homage to my city Beirut, which I felt I was losing after the Beirut blast,” says Lebanese designer Nada Ghazal, who had based her atelier and office around the idea of having guests, customers, press and retailers visit and see her work. “When the blast hit us and destroyed half the city, along with our atelier, I felt the need to take My Beirut out to the world instead.” The collection is narrated across four chapters – Urban, Storm, Cocoon, and Glory. Her jewels are bright and colorful. Nada has employed the champleve technique for enamel accents and has chosen the color that relates to the story surrounding the piece. “Blossom features three different colored flowers: pink, yellow, and purple; the colors of blossoms in Beirut’s streets during the Spring season,” she explains.
| Image credit: My Muse, Nada Ghaza 

EF Treasure ring set Treasure Ring Set by EF

EF Collection, Treasure

Double up on treasures from the EF Collection. The brand’s new drop, aptly titled Treasure, is a celebration of color. “Inspired by hidden treasures, the collection features 14k gold styles adorned with turquoise, emerald, pink sapphire, and diamond,” says designer Emily Strauss. The delicate everyday pieces consisting of bar necklaces, rings, bangles, and studs are accented with turquoise, emerald, pink sapphire, and diamond. | Image credit: Treasure, EF Collection 

Sydney Evan Wempe Loquet Smiley Face Jewels Sydney Evan Wempe Jewel

Smiley Jewels from Sydney Evan, Loquet, and Wempe

There is plenty to smile about this Autumn as designers, who have long been obsessed with emojis, are coming up with blinged-out renditions of the iconic motif. Whimsical smiley face pendants, rings, and bracelets – with joyful expressive eyes, sporting flower crowns, or resembling flowers – highlight a playful approach co-opted by the likes of Sydney Evan and brands such as Loquet and Wempe. | Image credit: Smiley jewels from Sydney Evan, Loquet, and Wempe


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