LVCRFT Releases Fifth Album

LVCRFT’s fifth album, appropriately titled received a memorable introduction via the collection’s first single “Scream! (For Halloween)”. This universally minded call to broomsticks of the season’s aficionados has an effortless ability to compel the listener’s attention and hold it for the entirety of the song. It’s the latest Halloween-themed musical concoction courtesy of the three-headed creative unit of songwriters Amanda Warner, producer-engineer-songwriter Peter Wade, and Evan Bogart. The trio’s great success working on this project spans half a decade now and shows no signs of running out of imaginative steam. “Scream! (For Halloween)” is the latest theatrically inclined romp in the project’s growing history.

The remainder of the album matches this song’s excellence. “Everyday is Halloween” serves notice that LVCRFT will be wringing every ounce of possible creativity from their seasonal fare, and it promises much. The sparkling pop textures they tackle with this song have an inviting tenor despite the subject matter; it’s the sound of a musical act interested in us joining their world.

“Burnin’” goes in a different direction than the opener. This is weightier songwriting fare than its predecessor but make no mistake that entertaining listeners remains high on the agenda. LVCRFT’s ability to meld hooks into a memorable near-cinematic experience leaps to the fore here and the lead vocals are a contender for the finest such performance on this release.

“Scream! (For Halloween)” has a propulsive beat. It never gets carried away with itself, however, and always moves forward at a measured pace. It is a performance with quite a motor. Much of it is built around a rhythm track, but it’s never a bland beat. The number, instead, keeps up a near-frantic pattern invoking Halloween’s pulse-pounding thrills. The song could scarcely profit from a more appropriate structure. The sax solo in the song’s second half is like a knife blade cutting through whatever inattention you may have. It makes you take notice.

“Sound of Running” will do the same. There’s a lot of unexpected pops and perks scattered throughout this tune. Some listeners may accuse it of attempting to do too much, but many other listeners will relish LVCRFT’s full slate of ideas. The lyrics are a cut above V’s other writing, as well, without ever losing sight of their function on this release. “Feeling Like Halloween” is lightweight in comparison, but it’s nonetheless an enjoyable and entertaining musical trip that holds up under repeated listens. The obvious joy that LVCRFT finds in the Halloween concept never fails to charm you, at least a little.

We will never know the performers behind the personas. Norman Crates, Scary Ana Grande, Lil Punkin, and DeepKutz, however, are decorated veteran performers who work together to bring the aforementioned songwriters’ vision to life and are every bit as invested in LVCRFT’s ongoing success. The people behind this project are working out of love for what they do, above all else, and you can hear that during each second of V. It is one of the best Halloween-themed releases in recent memory.

Rachel Townsend

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