Beacon Audiobooks Releases “Claude Monet Designs Yankee Stadium” By Author R. Lee Procter

“For some crazy reason, fate has chosen me to bring Monet’s trove of artwork into the world.”

Melvin Flack has given up on his dream of becoming an artist until he discovers 14 paintings hidden in a derelict building in the Bronx. To his shock, they’re signed by his idol, Claude Monet. And the subject! Is it possible Monet designed Yankee Stadium in 1921? If these paintings are authentic, who gets the 600 million dollars they’ll get at auction? And what’s in the mysterious journal that Mel finds with the art?

Suddenly, everything that Mel has given up on seems within his grasp. Can he redeem his past as a failed artist? Can he find someone to glorify with his art, someone who can love him? Is Claude Monet, through the words in his journal, whispering in Mel’s ear, inspiring him? The stakes couldn’t be higher when bilious billionaire and real estate kingpin Holcombe Parkes claims the paintings. Mel fights like his whole life is on the line…because it is.

With “Claude Monet Designs Yankee Stadium,” author R. Lee Procter has created an astonishing, comical, and deeply moving romantic adventure like no other.

Beacon Audiobooks has just released “Claude Monet Designs Yankee Stadium: A Love Story” written by author R. Lee Procter and narrated by Dan Stabb.

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