23 Best Memorial Day Mattress Sales 2023: Helix, Casper, Leesa

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No better time than the present to fully upgrade your sleep setup.

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If your aching back and creaky neck are getting the best of you, it’s high time you scoped out the best Memorial Day mattress sales that will help you improve your sleep quality—and the depth of your REM cycles—without digging too deep into your savings account. Though mattress deals come and go throughout the year, Memorial Day is for some reason one of the best holiday weekends to take advantage of the new inventory that brands are rolling out (see some of those catalogued here), at record-low prices. There are plenty more savings where that came from, too, in the menswear department if you’d prefer to save big on some cooling camp shirts and floppy sandals. 

Ahead of the shopping holiday, every mattress brand worth its weight in proprietary cooling technology is doing its darnedest to top each other with their biggest and most impressive deals—which we consider a triple-header of a win for your aching back, groggy brain, and checking account. For years we’ve been counting sheep while testing mattresses—and lately, plenty of time combing the worldwide web for deals. Now we’ve curated an assortment of all the best mattress sales going on right now plus a shortlist of our favorite tried-and-tested sale picks that are available for even less dinero than usual. Night-night, folks, but first…shop the best Memorial Day mattress sales right here.

All The Best Mattress Sales That Are Actually Worth Knowing About

Nectar: Enjoy Nectar’s 33% off sitewide deal while it lasts. You can get a brand-spanking-new mattress from a well-regarded brand for as little as $359.

Dreamcloud: During Dreamcloud’s Memorial Day VIP preview, everyone’s a certified VIP. The brand is offering 40% off its mattresses, with prices starting at $499. 

Casper: The good folks at one of the OG mattress-in-a-box brands are slashing 20% off any one of its popular mattresses, pillows, and sheets (plus 10% off everything else).

Amazon: A boatload of already-affordable mattresses from brands like DreamCloud and BedStory are marked-down even more at the ‘Zon so you can get a more comfortable night’s sleep in two days or less (if you’re a Prime member of course). 

Helix: Take 20% off sitewide with the early access code MEMORIALDAY20, and the brand will toss in a pair of pillows for free (at a $150 value) with every mattress purchase. 

Layla: Layla’s offering a bunch of excellent deals across its bedding and mattress inventory: Take up to $200 off a mattress, and a bunch of bedding essentials will go home with you gratis, including free sheets, a comforter, and a pillow. 

Leesa: During Leesa’s ongoing sale, any of Leesa’s delightful mattresses can be yours for up to $700 off. Because your brand new bed needs something nice to top it off, the brand will throw in a couple of pillows for free with your purchase.

Birch: Score a new sustainable mattress from Birch for $20% off as an early Memorial Day treat, plus two free Eco-Rest pillows where that came from. 

Aviya: Aviya’s spring sale finds the brand taking $200 off every single mattress it offers, like its superlative hybrid mattresses.

Eight Sleep: Eight Sleep’s ultra-techy, adjustable, sleep-tracking Pod 3 mattress can be yours for $100 less during this sale season. Better sleep, and a non-creaky mattress? Now, that’s amore. 

Cocoon by Sealy: The Chill mattress is a chill 35% off, with some complimentary pillows and sheets in the mix to sweeten the deal.

Purple: Purple’s current sale is actually the best we’ve seen from the funky mattress brand in quite a while. A Purple mattress bundle can be yours for up to $800 less than usual (with the addition of some free sheets), and its bedding accoutrements are up to 25% off.

Saatva: Save up to $650 at Saatva’s Early Bird Memorial Sale while it lasts. 

Puffy: Puffy exclusively deals in plush mattresses (ranging from plush to plushier), and if you’re aching to sleep on something cloud-like this year, rest easy with the brand’s very generous $750 off sale on all mattresses. Total savings come to $1,350 on mattresses when you factor in the free luxury bundle (worth $600) that the brand’s tossing in for free. 

Tempur-Pedic: There are a bunch of offers ongoing at Tempur-Pedic, like a 40% off sale on its Tempur-Adapt topper and up to $500 off select mattress sets. 

Tuft & Needle: Save up to $775 on mattresses directly from Tuft & Needle’s website, or head to Amazon, where some T&N mattresses are on sale, too.

Nest Bedding: You’ll find a bit of everything in Nest’s bargain bin, which has some of the best deals we’ve ever seen from the retailer: Mattresses are up to 50% off (!), bedding is up to 30% off, and furniture is marked down by 15%.

Awara: Awara’s spring sale features $300 off mattresses, plus a bevy of complimentary sleep essentials, which includes a set of sheets, pillows, and a mattress protector.

Molecule: Use the code MEMORIALVIP at checkout to take up to 35% off Molecule’s best-sellers. 

Nolah: Save up to 25% off on a new Nolah mattress, and get two free pillows in the mix, during its Early Access Memorial Day sale.

PlushBeds: PlushBed mattresses don’t come cheap so now’s the chance to snag one for $1,250 off, with the added treat of free bed sheets with every mattress purchase.

Plus, An In-Depth Look at Some of Our Favorite Mattresses on Sale

Helix Midnight Luxe Hybrid mattress

GQ staffers’ all-around favorite mattress is on sale. In celebration of spring, Helix is offering 20% off sitewide. The Luxe Hybrid—plus a complimentary set of the company’s dreamy pillows—can be yours for $475 off. From the comfy pillow top that has just the perfect amount of softness and firmness to the way the bed seems to disperse heat like it’s an ice cube, the Hybrid is a runaway hit among all the staffers who were lucky enough to try it. And you can strike gold, too, if you manage to score this mattress at the impressive discount it’s on right now.

DreamCloud hybrid mattress

Our tester gave DreamCloud’s mattress top marks for its bouncy and supportive feel, especially for sleepers looking for a super plush top. Just a heads up, the mattress is on the taller side, sitting up there at 14 inches, which can be helpful for people who want a little more lift (and also a disadvantage for getting your fitted sheets to slide on without a struggle, as our tester found). In addition to 40% off its mattresses, the brand’s throwing in a bunch of added accessories valued at $599.

Saatva classic luxury firm mattress

Saatva’s hybrid mattresses are some of our favorites for luxurious medium-firm comfort, and right now the company is offering tiered savings, so spend more, save more. Our tester called this bed a stylish, “dreamy combination of cushion and support,” one that offered a comfortable surface for his back and sides no matter what sleep position he chose. Plus, its lifetime warranty is nothing to sneeze at since you are, y’know, making a long-term investment. 

Allswell hybrid mattress

We know some people just don’t want to drop hundreds on a mattress. Alas, we think you get what you pay for, and with the Allswell, you’ll get a decent, nay, a really good mattress, for under $400. It’s not the most supportive bed, but it’s surprisingly comfortable—so much so that our testers were shocked when we told them the price after they tried it out. If you pony up your phone number to Allswell, you’ll get 15% off this already-affordable mattress.

Leesa Original mattress

Leesa, one of our favorite mattress brands, is offering $200 off select mattresses, with some bedding and cushion deals in the mix, too. We’d recommend either the best-of-both-worlds Hybrid Mattress, or the Leesa Original, our favorite plushy, supportive option in the $1,000-range. 

Casper Wave mattress

Casper is nearly always having some kind of sale, but that doesn’t mean you should hold out on taking advantage of its current mattress deals if you’re in the market for a cushier bed for your poor back. Right now, the brand is offering 20% off, plus marking down a bunch of sleek sleep accessories in its clearance bin. After our most recent round of testing, the Wave remains our pick for one of the best mattresses out there for back and side sleepers.

Aviya mattress

Aviya’s mattresses (which scooped a Home Award last year) line the interiors of swanky hotel chains the world over, and are well-known for being solidly middle-of-the-road plush—and plenty supportive. Now’s your chance to transform your bedroom into a luxury resort courtesy of the brand’s ongoing spring sale, which will let you score mattresses for $200 off.

Eight Sleep Pod 3 mattress

Eight Sleep’s Pod Pro mattress has earned a Fitness Award for its state-of-the-art advancements, which include the ability to track your sleep metrics down to the last engrossing detail. It also gently jostles you awake with literal good vibrations, and offers heating powers that are isolated to each side of the bed (so you can sleep hot while your partner stays cool). Right now, its latest iteration can be yours for $100 less than usual. Not a lot, but not nothing!

Birch Natural mattress

Birch’s mattresses are designed and sold by Helix with an added focus on sustainability. They’re great for anyone who wants a plush mattress made with (somewhat) more eco-friendly materials. Right now, the company is offering its mattresses for 25% off during its holiday sale, plus throwing in two free pillows.

Awara Hybrid mattress

The Awara Hybrid is one of the best supportive mattresses we’ve ever tested. The company makes relatively simple options, without the different sleep zones you’d find in something like the Casper Wave. The result is a mattress that’s a bit more cloud-like—“soft, yet sturdy,” said one tester. Awara’s current promotion drops the price of a queen-sized mattress by $300 and sweetens the pot with $499 worth of other bedding gear. Plus, the company says they’ll plant 10 trees with every mattress purchased. Pretty good, all around!

Tuft and Needle Original mattress

Tuft & Needle’s OG mattress is one of our favorite cheap-ish mattresses (and memory foam options, period) for its double-layered construction that keeps your body supported, but cool. Plus, its slightly firmer surface is a boon for any folks who find foamy mattresses a little too forgiving when it comes to sinkage. Right now, it’s even cheaper at Tuft & Needle’s early Memorial Day sale, which is offering huge deals up to $775 off legacy mattresses like this one.

The WinkBed

People who, for one reason or another, like a squishy mattress will really like the WinkBed. Our tester found that despite its softness, it didn’t suffer from the dreaded “marshmallow effect,” which is the case with so many plush mattresses. For a limited time, this top-of-the-line bed is $300 off. The extra plushy pillow top, gel-infused foam, and ingeniously laid out innersprings all come together to provide plushy support if that’s what you’re after.

Brooklyn Bedding Plank firm luxe mattress

Not for the faint of heart: Brooklyn Bedding (named after the founder’s daughter, not the NYC borough) is giving shoppers 25% off its firm-leaning mattresses right now. If you’re hellbent on getting a super-firm mattress option, the Plank is the best of the bunch. The opposite sides of the mattress offer two varying levels of firmness to choose from, but we have to say, sleeping on what is essentially a plank (get it?) really helps with spinal alignment. And if you’re still on the fence, the brand also offers a 120-day free trial so you can test it out first-hand. 

Cocoon by Sealy chill hybrid mattress

Cocoon by Sealy’s chill hybrid mattress is made with hot sleepers in mind, and features a stretch-knit cover that pulls away heat. (We’ve named it our favorite cooling mattress on the market.) For this holiday, the Cocoon Chill Hybrid is 35% off and comes with a free set of pillows and sheets.

Zinus cooling copper hybrid mattress

Zinus continues to top our list of the best budget mattresses, as a cheaper alternative to the Allswell Hybrid. It has a sinkable top layer that some might find a little too quicksand-like, but our testers still maintain it offers more than enough support. Side sleepers and back sleepers, look no further. It’s currently on sale at Walmart, one of the many retailers that carries the brand, for a cool $254 off. 

7 More Mattress Deals Worth Checking Out

Nectar Sleep original mattress

Nectar Sleep is taking 33% off its entire mattress selection, and though we haven’t tested it ourselves, reviewers liken the brand’s cushy original memory foam mattress to a cloud.

Zoma mattress

Zoma’s four-layered mattresses are made specifically for athletes, and designed with “recovery” in mind. This might not mean very much to you, but it does give the brand cover to bestow each layer of its mattress with a wacky sneaker-tech-esque name. (Triangulex, Reactiv, SUPPORT+, etc.) Reviews of the mattress are generally positive, especially from side-sleepers who weigh less than 200 pounds. Both the company’s all-foam mattress and hybrid mattresses are $150 off right now.

Bear Hybrid mattress

Bear’s another mattress brand we have’t gotten around to testing yet (these brands are cropping up like mushrooms these days), but its best-selling Hybrid mattress is currently 35% off, and the brand is throwing in $325 worth of sleep accessories.

Nolah Signature 12 mattress

We’ve never slept on a Nolah before, but this upgraded version of its basic mattress comes with options: One side is softer, for side and front sleepers, while the other is firmer, for back sleepers. It’s not like you’re going to flip your mattress regularly to take advantage—you’re probably one or the other—but the something-for-everyone concept means you’ll likely get what you need. Right now, you’ll find it 25% cheaper than normal (as part of its holiday sale) and you’ll get a pair of squishy pillows in the mix, too.

Layla Sleep Hybrid mattress

Layla Sleep is (mercifully) offering discounts without codes in its ongoing sale. The company’s Hybrid mattress is $200 off, and you can also catch some dreamy savings on other bedding bundles (worth a whopping $1,599).

PlushBeds natural bliss latex mattress

As its name would suggest, PlushBed’s lineup of mattresses are satisfyingly…plush. They’re also made with organic materials, and crafted according to centuries-old methods of hand-stitching and hand-tufting. Thankfully, the brand is keeping up with the times with its sale, and it’s packed with genuine steals: a wild $1,250 (!) off its signature queen-sized mattress, along with up to $349 in free bedding. 

Amerisleep AS3

The AS3 from Amerisleep is the brand’s most popular mattress, with reviewers noting that it offers good support, holds its shape, and is comfortable to sleep on. While we have yet to test it out, those who have seem to really enjoy it. And you can test their reviews of the thing for $450 less than usual during Amerisleep’s ongoing sale.


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