Therabody TheraFace Pro Sale: Save $140 on this All-in-One Facial Device

Therabody TheraFace Pro Sale Save 140 on this AllinOne Facial Device

This all-in-one facial machine is the ultimate skincare tool.

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Therabody’s line of beat-your-sore-muscles-into-Jell-O Theraguns might be the brand’s pièce de résistance, but its TheraFace Pro is a skincare lover’s dream come true. The $399 multi-use facial tool was Therabody’s first foray into the skincare category, and it brought the relaxation and rejuvenation of a facial into a portable device. Sure, its nearly four Ben Franklin price tag wasn’t doing it any favors in terms of cost effectiveness, but then again, a real facial can cost around that price, too (albeit it’s a recurring charge if you want another treatment). Therabody only recently marked down the TheraFace Pro for the first time a couple months ago, and that deal brought the price down by a measly $50. Alas, the least likely place we would ever expect to be shilling the TheraFace Pro, Huckberry, is slashing the device’s price tag down to a record low of $259.

Therabody TheraFace PRO

So what in the hell does this thing even do that can justify its price tag? With its six interchangeable heads, the TheraFace Pro is a face cleanser, an LED light treatment (for anti-aging, -wrinkles, and -acne), percussive therapy gun, and microcurrent device. For those who don’t know what any of those words mean, this thing can lift, firm, and contour your face so you look younger and smoother for as long as you keep up with your facial routine. Typically you’d have to visit an esthetician to get these kinds of treatments or buy an at-home device that only focuses on any single one of the TheraFace’s functions. For the cost-effective shopper, here’s the deal: owning all of those tools would be way more than what Therabody charges for this miracle device. And with the current sale on the TheraFace, this thing feels like a steal.

There’s no telling how long the TheraFace Pro is going to be this cheap, or if it’ll ever drop to this price again. Cop one of these devices now and your youthful visage will enough thanks to us later.


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