6 Common Mistakes Travelers Make in Las Vegas

Would you believe travelers and tourists make all kinds of regrettable mistakes in Las Vegas? Even though Las Vegas is a popular destination location, nothing well prepares travelers for the costly mistakes they often make before and during their trips.

Travel mistakes can have negative impacts on your finances and experiences. For instance, many travelers fail to research the lowest prices on hotels, restaurants, and shows before making reservations. Sometimes they won’t plan for particular events they may be interested in seeing, so they miss them.

Do you want to avoid making these kinds of mistakes during your Las Vegas trip? Here are the top 6 mistakes travelers usually make in Las Vegas:

1) Failing to Budget

Any responsible traveler will create a budget for their trip to Las Vegas. The budget outlines the maximum amount of money you can spend on ordinary travel expenses, such as hotel rooms, show tickets, food, transportation, shopping, and attractions. By following the budget closely, you can avoid spending too much money on some things and not having enough money for others 

Unfortunately, many travelers don’t bother budgeting their money. Instead, they make purchases on their credit cards and charge everything without thinking about the long-term costs down the road. Please don’t become one of these travelers because it could cost you more money than necessary. 

2) Failing to Research Ticket Prices

Do you have any particular shows in mind that you want to see in Las Vegas? Before you purchase tickets for shows in Las Vegas, it would be a good idea to research the ticket prices for various seats in their theaters and venues. Sometimes you can find discounts and special deals on ticket prices if you search for them on the right websites, such as Vegas Lens. 

Vegas Lens provides visitors with the latest promo codes, special hotel packages, and other ticket discount opportunities for shows in Las Vegas. You should use this website as the source of your research to find the best ticket prices before booking your reservations. That way, you can maximize your savings on entertainment. 

3) Not Using Free Transportation

Did you know Las Vegas has numerous free transportation options? Don’t make the mistake of paying for transportation if the complimentary transportation options can serve your travel interests.

For instance, if you’re only going to stay at hotels and visit attractions along the Las Vegas Strip, you can ride free trams and buses to take you to these places. Some hotels on the Las Vegas Strip will even give you a complimentary shuttle ride from the airport to the hotel. 

You will only need to pay for a taxi, bus, Uber, or rental car to explore areas outside the Las Vegas Strip. For instance, if you want to participate in the Fremont Street Experience or hike the trails of the Red Rock Canyon on the outskirts of the city, then you may need to pay for transportation to get there. 

Don’t forget about the guided tours as another way to see other parts of the city without paying for personal transportation. The guided tours will even educate you on various buildings and attractions in the city too.

4) Buy Show Tickets on Resale Sites

The advertisements from ticket resale websites like StubHub often seduce novice travelers into purchasing tickets on them. The resale market is popular amongst travelers because it is the last place to find high-demand show tickets for the best seats in the theaters. 

When high-demand tickets are sold out on the traditional market, ticket vendors and resellers sell them for more money than they’re worth because people are willing to pay more. But do you want to be the one who pays more for show tickets? Why not plan ahead by purchasing high-demand tickets earlier rather than later? 

5) Overstuffing Your Daily Travel Itinerary

You may feel tempted to see as many shows and attractions in Las Vegas as possible, especially if you’re only in the city for a few days. It is understandable because Las Vegas offers many great things to see and experience, so why wouldn’t you want to see it all? 

However, you could burn out if you try to see too much in one day. Just think about all the walking and activities you will do each day. Do you have the energy to handle it all? 

Depending on your health and wellness, you may decide it would be better to get more sleep at the hotel and rebuild your energy for the next day. Then you can have more energy when experiencing the shows and attractions you want to see.

6) Failing to Research the Hotel Amenities

Do you want to stay at a hotel with heated swimming pools or manufactured lakes with artificial tidal waves? Las Vegas has hotels suitable for various interests and desires, but not all offer the same amenities. 

As you focus on finding the best hotel room prices, you should also focus on the amenities and accommodations offered. Every hotel has different restaurants, attractions, shows, swimming pools, and other features. Don’t assume your hotel will have the exact amenities and features you want because they may not.  

Therefore, research the hotel amenities as you navigate the various ticket prices for hotel rooms. Then you can find the perfect balance between the hotel ticket price and its amenities. 


Planning and budgeting are the two essential tasks of any responsible traveler. Don’t make the mistake of going to Las Vegas without thoroughly researching things like ticket prices, free transportation options, and special discount opportunities. If you want to save the most money possible, you will budget every expense and avoid paying higher prices. 


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