Too Hot to Handle’s Seb and Kayla Reveal Where They Stand

Seb and Kayla know how to keep us guessing.

The pair, who left season four of Netflix’s experimental dating show Too Hot to Handle as a couple, have tried their best to keep their flame ignited since departing the retreat—but it hasn’t been easy for Scotland-based Seb and Los Angeles-based Kayla.

“The long distance was stressful,” Seb said on the Reality with Will Njobvu podcast Dec. 30. “You’re back to normal. You’re back to reality. You’ve come off a show filming with a bunch of hot people. I came off loving a girl. And it’s back to reality.”

However, it wasn’t for a lack of effort.

“What I tried to do at first was fly straight to Scotland,” Kayla revealed. “I stayed there for almost two months. That was overwhelming. I don’t have a life there. I don’t have friends there. Did I get extremely close with his family? Yes. I love them to this day and they love me. But it was just so hard. It wasn’t doable at the time.”

So, where do things stand now?

Kayla calls their current status a “situationship,” explaining that things with Seb are ”complicated, but we’re exclusive.”


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