Why Vanessa Hudgens Visited High School Musical’s East High

Vanessa Hudgens is sticking to the status quo.

The actress sparked High School Musical reunion rumors over the summer after she and Zac Efron posted from East High School in Salt Lake City, Utah within weeks of one another. But now, the real-life Gabriella Montez is coming clean about why she was really there this past June—and after this news, we’re not betting on a revival. 

“My boyfriend was playing in Salt Lake—he’s a baseball player,” Hudgens told Entertainment Weekly in a feature published Oct. 21. “So he was at the field and I had rented a car and I was like, ‘I want to go check it out and take some pictures for old time’s sake.'”

In the video, Hudgens walked around outside the school, where the iconic Disney Channel movie was filmed, as the song “Breaking Free” played from the iconic Disney Channel original film. Just weeks later in July, Efron posed in front of the set with a fist held in the air, writing, “Don’t you… Forget about me” in a reference to 1985’s The Breakfast Club

So in that case, why, exactly, was Efron, her co-star and ex-boyfriend, spotted there?

“What can I say?” Hudgens quipped. “I’m a trendsetter.”


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