Summer House Star Paige DeSorbo Shares Fashion Hacks and Money-Saving Tips

E!: I know you love renting bags. Do you like renting clothes for events too? Or do you have another go-to store to shop?
PD: If you’re in a pinch and you really do have to get an evening look, the Revolve two-day shipping is unbeatable. 

Revolve isn’t my typical go-to because I think it’s a little pricey with some things, but if time is of the essence, Revolve really is the only website that comes through.  You can get something the next day or in two days and I appreciate that. I had a wedding in Charleston. Craig and I were going to the wedding. He told me it was a casual wedding. I brought a short dress. Two days before the wedding, he said “Oh my god, I’m so sorry. It’s actually black tie.”  

We were traveling when he realized. So, I had zero time get a dress, so I ordered three different dresses to his house. I ended up wearing a black, Michael Costello dress. I loved it.

E!: What about those times when you do have notice, but you want to save some money on your favorite designers?
PD: I think Rent the Runway is continuing to get better and better. When I first started using it, I worked in an office and it was great for that because I don’t want to buy office clothes. Buying work clothes used to be the bane of my existence. I hate buying clothes I can only wear in one place. So, Rent the Runway was great for dressing for an office. It’s also a good option for special events if there are wedding looks you only want to wear once.


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