Your First Look at Big Brother Season 24’s Mid-Century Modern BB Motel

Welcome to the BB Motel!

Big Brother season 24 will see 16 new houseguests check in to the retro motel, which E! News has your first look at.

In an exclusive video, host Julie Chen Moonves describes the contestants’ new digs as a “colorful, desert oasis inspired by Palm Springs, and a blast from the past, mid-century style.”

Palm Springs is known for its golf courses and retro architecture, so the designers couldn’t help but include those eclectic details. As such, one bedroom has astroturf and mini golf carts running alongside the wall, while another has vintage car dashboards serving as headboards. And some contestants will even sleep among the stars in their outer space-themed room.

The glitzy BB Motel will serve as the backdrop to the “BB Fest,” which will introduce a new theme each week. 

So far, this all sounds well and fun, but there’s no doubt the Big Brother producers have many challenges planned for the contestants, who are competing for $750,000. CBS teased “a new twist will send the Houseguests scrambling.”


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