AV Super Sunshine Releases “Judas”

AV Super Sunshine is at it again – tailoring a song that is unique to its artistic vision and ignites a wide range of emotions. In “Judas” the pop rock outfit proves it can pivot its sound to something deeper than what we’ve heard from AV Super Sunshine in the past. Still having a bit of a quirky beat, “Judas” contains thought-provoking lyrics and like all AV Super Sunshine songs, a lotta love. “Judas” is remarkably quaint and contained compared to previous releases. That doesn’t mean it’s lacking in funk or futuristic vibes. “Judas” is a nod to a biblical story and taps its hat to a lesson, no matter our station or beliefs, we can all learn.

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“Judas” starts out with a tip-toeing beat. For a split second the hesitant rhythm reminded me of Gotye’s “Somebody That I Used To Know” featuring Kimbra. The undercurrent has a darkness to it, like a nocturnal jaunt. Tidbits of brightness and neon-zig-zagging pop up like far off lights trickling on-and-off. Judas is my name, please curse me instead, sings the male voice. The voice is deep, baritone. Based on the story of the betrayal of Jesus of Nazareth, “Judas” takes special care in bringing this historical figure to life via song. You hear it in the man’s voice that Judas was a man that knew he made a mistake, he takes ownership of this ultimate betrayal. While I’ve heard songs reference the Judas kiss or the like, this one travels its own special sonic pathway that feels both daunting and intimate.

AV Super Sunshine mentions the silver coins (Judas was paid 30 silver coins by the chief priests) and continues to echo the phrase please curse me instead. His voice calls out with dignity and utter conviction. I’ve heard AV Super Sunshine in previous songs that range from Sixties psychedelic rock and even more in the Moby-like range. In “Judas” the flood gates seemed to have opened for a new chapter for AV Super Sunshine. Songs like “Baby Goodbye”, “Smile” and “Frankenstein” seem to be a distant thought. It’s a chapter that connects to the listener in a much deeper emotional connection. While not all readers will be taken by the story of Judas, they might connect more so with the idea of forgiveness. No one is perfect and even the worst sins or things a person can do – albeit in a relationship or even within a family – we still have to remember that they are human. I think that’s a lesson we can all continue to learn.

AV Super Sunshine doesn’t trivialize this parable if you will. It’s taken to heart and infused with some beeping synthesizers and a cool-as-they-come flow. Towards the end of the song there is almost a moment of clarity, a shining light that darts through the music’s bedrock that struck me as completely science fiction. It was like a spaceship meets Dr. Who meets Gordon Lightfoot. The momentum continued and “Judas” finishes out like an exceptional gem. “Judas” is hands down one of AV Super Sunshine’s best yet.

Rachel Townsend

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