Dici Releases “u n i”

Dici delivers a haunting performance in his music video and on his latest single “u n i.” Dici, who at 18, has already garnered thousands of followers and millions of views on his music videos. Pairing heartfelt lyrics with EDM influenced rhythms, “u n i” does not disappoint. Dici got the itch to make music back in Summer of 2020 and was ready to launch his music career one year later. Dici’s obvious natural talent brought on a wave of success he’s still surfing. Dici, who was born Milan and brought up in Miami already has his own record label, DICI Records. In 2022 Dici dropped “u n i,” a captivating take on wanting to spend time with someone special.

“u n i” opens with digitized chords that set the scene for Dici, who’s powerful voice amplifies the mesmerizing quality of the chords. For me, Dici’s flow is what brings “u n i” to life. Dici wonders, thinks, and longs for someone special to spend his time with. This inherent openness gives “u n i” a depth and a heart not often heard in rap. The urban hip-hop rhythm and energetic drumbeat contrast what Dici is rapping about, which is what makes “u n i” so addicting to listen to. The variation between the message of “u n i” and the overall sound of it, is like opposites attracting. Dici plea’s and desires are amplified by the beats, causing every message to cut deeper.

The music video mirrors this opposition by lighting Dici in a dark room. Dici is often lit by a spotlight as he moves in out of the darkness. The video instantly draws viewers in when they cut to a medium shot of Dici rapping to the camera, instantly making “u n i” personal. It feels like we’re in Dici’s mind or he’s talking to us directly. His powerful delivery of the chorus is captivating, as Dici gets lost in the flow so do you. The lyrics are supported by the space being made up of blues and cool tones, fitting the vibe of “u n i” like a glove. The fact that the camera catches Dici of all angles parallels the stream of consciousness style lyrics in “u n i.” Aiding in the feeling that Dici is working something out.

Dici’s lyrics is one of the most noticeable traits of “u n i.” While the lyrics are extremely personal they are also highly relatable. Most of us have had moment where we wished that we had a ride or die person to go to. Dici keeps “u n i” elusive by making it unclear if he’s longing for someone he can’t have or for someone he hopes to meet, which are both universal experiences. My favorite lyric is “I swear I keep wishing for things that won’t happen/Living in a fantasy feel like I’m acting.” Dici cuts to the chase with his lyric by opening up about hoping for something that may never come.

Dici is rapping about something real on “u n i.” He’s not interested in someone flimsy he wants a sturdy relationship that can survive the good and the bad, something we all desire. “u n i” gets under your skin whether you listen to the song or watch the music video. Dici is able to maintain the evocative nature of his lyrics while he’s rapping, something that I can see becoming a trademark of his. Dici knows how to deliver a performance that is unforgettable. You don’t want to miss “u n i!”

Rachel Townsend

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