How efficient is GPS fleet tracking for small business owners?

How efficient is GPS fleet tracking for small business owners?

If you think that GPS fleet tracking is worthy only if you have extensive yards housing numerous vehicles, then this is the time to change your perception. Small businesses having only a few cars also need a fleet tracker for efficient management, cost-effectiveness, and high performance. Small businesses can use GPS fleet tracker benefits as much as large ones. 

Small business owners with a small fleet also have the same concerns and responsibilities as the more prominent fleet managers. According to the data and research, small fleet managers have a more significant number of KRA’s, leading to stress and sleepless nights. Having GPS fleet tracker management will lower their manual work and enhance productivity.

Use the fleet tracker dashboard like a newspaper. It will update you with the most crucial metrics. You can glance at it and know it all! One of the best ways of using the tracker is to set up a custom dashboard, as per the reports you want. This way, you will lower the clutter and focus on the information you want to know. Keep reviewing your small fleet and its activities, and become a pro manager!

Access to having reports such as fuel tracking, over-speeding, actual time location, engine monitoring, etc., enhances business efficacy. These advanced functions will cut costs and grow the business considerably. The reports also tell you when and where the fleet vehicles filled up the petrol and gas. This information can help you match the fuel card to safeguard against possible fraud.

Let us get to know why GPS fleet tracking devices can help your small business and give you a competitive edge.

Benefits of GPS Fleet Tracking for Small Business Owners

GPS fleet tracking solutions offer the best benefits, such as tracking your vehicles, your drivers’ behavior on the road, your vehicle in a zone where it is not supposed to be, the time for vehicle maintenance, and many more.

Here we highlight some of the best benefits fleet tracking offers small business owners.


We are aware of the soaring fuel prices. Also, the fuel prices are volatile and fluctuate many times. You cannot control the fuel fluctuation or lower the fuel cost. However, you can always cut unnecessary fuel consumption using clever tricks. 

One of the ways is using a fleet tracker that helps you know driving behavior. If your driver is riding rash, using harsh brakes, sitting idle with the ignition on, speeding leading to excess fuel usage, you will get alerts. You can take action and cut the fuel usage cost.

Small businesses bear the cost of fuel much more than large fleet owners. The fuel usage reports provided by the tracker make it possible for you to track the fuel consumption and find ways to lower it.

Timely maintenance

It is vital to keep your vehicles in good shape. A maintained and fully-serviced vehicle does not result in unexpected breakdown and delay. If your vehicles visit service stations, the time lost off the road means money lost! It puts a wrench in your schedule, and you lower your business productivity. 

One of the best features of the fleet tracking management system is that you can automate your maintenance schedule. You can set timely maintenance alerts that remind you to schedule the vehicle maintenance. Then, you can ensure that the service staff has checked your vehicle’s engine, inflated the tires, done the oil change, made alignments, and checked spark plugs to ensure vehicles run efficiently.

A well-maintained vehicle runs unerringly and uses less fuel too.

Picking best route

Route optimization is another best feature of the fleet tracker for small businesses. With the fleet tracker, you can pick the shortest route. It will help you save fuel and time. The drivers spend less time traveling and accommodate another delivery.

The GPS also senses the traffic, and hence, the fleet tracker also suggests routes with less traffic. This way, the drivers can avoid idle time, saving time and fuel. Your drivers will reach the destination quicker, reduce risks of speeding, and enhance productivity.

Small fleet managers can use the reports to find integrated solutions and ways to optimize the routes of their vehicles. The fleet management tracker reports missed stops, completed stops, idle time, the duration of idle timeline, expected arrival time, v/s actual delivery time, and more. This data helps the small fleet managers compare the best routes and implement changes to finalize the most efficient way.

Other than finding the best route, the tracker also contains custom features that can further enhance your route planning. Use the software to analyze, plan, and execute route changes.

Detects unauthorized vehicle usage

The tracking system also helps you reduce the chances of unauthorized vehicle use. You can monitor when a driver uses the vehicle and finish the job. The system follows a driver ID system. GPS tracking enables you to keep a watch on where they stop. It sends alerts if the driver takes an unauthorized detour and uses a vehicle for personal jobs. A geofencing feature in the tracker system alerts you if your vehicle travels outside the set boundary.


One of the most significant weaknesses of small fleets is that losing one vehicle can dent the entire business. It will mean a substantial drop in productivity.

A fleet of all sizes needs proper safety and security measures. One of the best benefits of GPS fleet tracking is ensuring the security of the vehicle and driver. Vehicle theft is actual. It will dent your finances bit can result in customers dissatisfaction. Avoid this by using the fleet tracker system.

Driver behavior

Reduce driver disciplinary problems and help your drivers improve and adopt a safer culture. It might lower your insurance premium too! The tool allows you to check the driver’s behavior, such as overspeeding, not following routes, and more. Consider conducting a driver training program to improve driver behavior, performance, and job satisfaction. 

Wrapping up

GPS tracking collects a lot of data and allows you to enhance your small business productivity. You can get authentic and timely reports like drivers speeding and excessively idling. You can track the vehicle’s location and evaluate driver performance. 

You can optimize fuel usage and know all about vehicle routes, arrival and departure time, and more. Find maintenance scheduling alerts to cut the risk of vehicle downtime.

Since there are many challenges in managing a small fleet, investing in the best GPS fleet tracking system will always help small businesses stay on top!

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