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What are you making for your fans right now in the studio? 

Edem: Thanks for asking. We are currently working on a 7 part opus to accompany a fine art performance scheduled for the end of the year by our wordsmith extraordinaire, and celebrated Croatian artist, Sandra Ban who tasked us with this. Brett and I have risen to the occasion and are enjoying every minute.

Brett: In addition to Edem’s response, we’ll be releasing some parts of this work to our fans so that they can have a taste too. Be on the lookout!

You are really collaborative and we love that! How do you choose who to work with?

Edem: Fate brings us our collaborators. Sandra Ban I met while on an International Art Exchange and Workshop at Poh Chang Art Academy in Thailand in 2018; a match made in Heaven. Toby Karlin, a fantastic drummer and saxophone player, is the husband of my son’s mother; Griffen, my son, is an exceptional pianist. We hope to collaborate with others as needed. Everybody seems to love the music; which makes these interactions a joy.

Brett: We actually work best through collaborative efforts. I personally feel that collaboration brings out the best in music. Afterall, how many times have you gone to a performance to see only one performer? Egos aside, even the most successful writers have other musicians contribute to the composition.

What is it like to work with each other as a duo?

Edem: Brett and I have been working together since I was 17. We walk a path of bliss. We share so many musical likes, and draw from our vast array of influences, it’s amazing. Fantastic.

Brett: We work well as a duo because decisions can be made quickly. We’ve found a good balance with just two decision makers. Any more and there can be animosity. Any less removes the additional flavor of collaborative music.

Who does it take to work at the pace you do with all the music you put out?

Edem: We definitely make, not take, the time to create and record. If you want to get something done, you have to consciously create space in your schedule. Time flies. We love what we do, so it’s never a burden to us.

Brett: How can we not? For Edem and I, we each have a creative “muse” pushing us to write. I can’t identify mine specifically, it’s just there and always pushing. There’s a creative spark that’s constantly pushing ideas at me. The key to remembering them is to have something to record them with. Smartphones are perfect for that.

What is your proudest project to date?

Edem: We always love our latest track. So, see above!

Brett: We seem to consistently outdo ourselves. Each new track gets better and better.

What should we be listening to NOW?

Edem: We have released so much music in 2020 and 2021. All of these tracks are cool. “MMXX/Romans”; “Halcyon/Love Soldier”; “Rhapsody in C19”; “Day Zero”; and “Sto Da Radim” are all great places to start.

Brett: Go to and work your way down the list starting from most recent. Then be on the lookout for our next release. Lately, we’ve been enjoying releasing each track as a single so that our fans don’t have to wait for a full album release.

Thank you for this opportunity to talk with you KinderCrowdControl!

Edem: Thanks so much for giving us the floor.

Brett: Thanks! Don’t forget to follow us on Facebook, Instagram or TikTok.

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