Jason Shand Releases “$$$ in the Bank (Let Go)”

Jason Shand is back stronger than ever with the high-energy and layered “$$$ in the Bank (Let Go),” another exemplary piece off of his upcoming second album The Petty Narcissist, which serves as a follow up to his far more subtle track, lead single “I Know,” in true sophomoric fashion: bolder, louder, and polarizing in all the best ways. A second single off of a second album, there’s something to that, something that Shand seems primed to harness as he counts down into “$$$ in the Bank (Let Go).”

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There’s a good deal of influence bursting from within the new single, and the instrumentation almost speaks for itself entirely with its twangy guitar composition harkening back to the calm and cool rock stylings of Peter Gabriel (who also serves as a clear vocal inspiration for Shand) as well as his contemporaries — “$$$ in the Bank” is a single fully certain in its own skin, and boy, is it refreshing to hear a rock track not concerned with being the loudest one in the room.

Now, that’s not to say that Shand shies away from any operatic or extravagant touches with this new single. Rest assured, there’s still plenty of that rock-based theatricality that alternative fans know and love — the contents of the package are steadfast, even if Jason Shand is risky enough to play with the design on the box. “$$$ in the Bank” is first and foremost a jaunty piece of Shand’s heart, continuing the core ideas on display both in his previous single “I Know,” as well as his 2015 album Because of Zeeva. This is a pop song before it’s anything else, and Shand is well aware of the fact. When asked how he would describe his sound, Shand had this to say: “Art rock? Sophisticated pop? Adult alternative? Adult contemporary? Simply… pop music? It depends which tune you catch me on I guess.”

“$$$ in the Bank” is an instant earworm of a song, its catchy chorus bursting with relatable lyrics and selling itself directly to listeners. There’s no getting this one out of your head, try as you might, but there’s no need to forget it, either. Jason Shand eagerly places his sound into a genre that has sorely been lacking nuance and presence, and his vocals are a breath of fresh air, especially when working in tandem with his band’s instrumental aptitude. The universal nature of the song’s subject matter will bring itself to listeners of all backgrounds, be they fans of harder or lighter fare; no matter what sound you’re used to, “$$$ in the Bank (Let Go)” is a tasteful force of positivity that can be added to any playlist for a quick burst of good vibes and positivity.

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Whether it be literal money in the bank or just some quality, good energy in your life, Jason Shand is here to provide positive memories for you through his music. With two singles out, The Petty Narcissist is well on its way to being a substantial addition to 2021’s already overstuffed musical release calendar.

Rachel Townsend

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